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The thing I remember most about 9/11 was that I was laying on the floor in my livingroom watching the news on CNN.
It was very late, here in Sweden it had almost turned to the 12th.
I had just got into labour and my husband was packing our sons overnight bag since he should stay at my parents house when we went to the hospital.
I remember that unreal feeling as if I was watching a movie, because stuff like that just don't happen.
We left for the hospital shortly before the president was gonna speak to the nation and my babygirl Hanna was born on the 12th september - Swedish time.
Faraklin Faraklin 36-40, F 1 Response May 26, 2010

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I was in middle school in math class...i was talking to a friend when suddenly the teacher turned on the tv and left jerry springer on lol.....shortly after it was interrupted by the breaking news of the high jacked me also it felt like a movie , a bad dream i couldn't wake up friend started crying like crazy cause she said her brother worked in the twin towers....soon after the school was taken over by worried parents who wanted to take their kids home....i just sat there in a daze and realized the next REAL war was this day im still shocked i saw what i saw on tv in my lifetime.