Management Didn't Care Enough To Let Anyone Know What Happened.

Yeah, I was at work.  No radios so there was no way of knowing about the attack at the time.  But, the lady in the parts room had internet access, she found out, and most everyone in the plant knew what was happening.  The attitudes of everyone that knew really pissed me off.  I'm a Vet and love my country.  The majority of the workers in that plant were from south west of Texas.  A large portion of those were illegal.  Still are to this day.  For them it seemed a party going on.  Management never made any notifications to let anyone know what had happened.  It was not important to them.  I spent most of the day working and not talking to anyone.  

Then on my way home I needed gas and all the stations had jacked it up over $4 a gallon.  That was real patriotic of them.

The one thing that really bothers me is;  The twin towers were filled with people of many nationalities.  It wasn't just an attack on the U.S. or our soil.  It was an attack on the world at large.
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What a terrible horrible tragedy. I think it's strange the way the towers collapsed like a pre-engineered demolition. It's always seemed strange to me that they didn't tip over and fall on other buildings.