I was in a meeting in Cardiff, Wales for a new development in the docks area.
I was getting back in the Car it was about 3pm uk time and I could not believe what I was hearing on the news report.
I phoned my wife and she confirmed it. She was watching it all unfold on the TV.
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Thankyou Pamperuft. Again someone with experiences so close on such a sad day that changed our world. Thanks for sharing.

Bluebeachgirl. This is so sad. I have never met anyone who was so directly affected such as yourself by 911. It was bad enough being thousands of miles away watching it on TV. My thoughts go out to you.<br />
Thankyou for sharing such a heartfelt comment.

I was working one miles from the Pentagon. My husband was in the Pentagon. After the first tower in New York was hit I called him at work telling him about it. I didn't think he had TV in his office. One of those offices with out windows. We all watched the 2nd plane hit on live TV. Then we new it was terrorism for sure. Back at my desk trying to gain as much info as I could about what was happening in NYC I get a call from a friend who says the Pentagon is on fire now. I had trouble contacting my husband but eventually after evacuating the building I got him on his cell. He saw some horrific things that day and the next such as burned bodies being removed. I attended one memorial service for my husbands colleague which was so sad. I still think about that widow, that child and what their life would have been like had this tragic event not happened. The day I had to go back to the Pentagon for a meeting about a month after 9-11 was so hard. I felt panicked and sad and was brought to tears at the memorial wall that was created. 9-11 changed me forever unfortunately. I miss my old self.