Shocked By The News

I know exactly where i was, except for the physical address or the gps coordinates, but i could go straight there, if i wanted, except i am not sure who lives in that house now. But enough rambling, if you are reading this you want to know where i was. so here is my story.

September 9th 2001, i had a few days off from work so i went up to hang out at a buddies till the 11th, had to work the 12th.

I slept on the couch in the living room whenever i stayed there, it faced south, my head was towards the west. (like i said i know where i was)

Well i was awoke by my friend saying something about a terrorist attack and the twin towers. At first i didnt know if i was dreaming, or if he was joking.

That is when he turned on the news, and there it was, on the tv infront of me, the twin towers, and that is when the second plane hit.

Now, i am not sure if i should continue or not, i have been ridiculed for my opinion of 9/11. But i will say this, if enough people comment on this story and say they want to know my opinion, i will be willing to post it, just know you may not want to hear it.
Psykira Psykira
Aug 8, 2010