It Was Just Suppose To Be Another Work Day

I was living in Atlanta and working for a company called Faucett New Media.   I don't remember how I got to work that morning.   Maybe I walked; I lived in midtown just a few blocks from downtown where I worked.  It was about a mile and a half and sometimes I walked and sometimes I would catch the bus downtown or take the subway .  I really don't remember, but all of those are possible as I was wont to do either on any given day and it was total whimsy on my part.

I usually came in the back way and when I got in I noticed that the few people who were there were up front in the lobby watching the television.
That was kind of unusual so I put down my stuff and wandered up front to see what the deal was.

They were saying on television that a plane had flown into the twin towers and my very first thought was 'this is a terrorist attack".  I don't know why I thought that because they weren't reporting that on the television initially.  Much of what happened next is a blur in my mind.  As more and more people arrived for work that morning the lobby area started to become crowded as we explained what was happening to each arriving group. By then we knew it was probably a terrorist attack.   My best friend had worked in the Pentagon and I didn't know if he was still stationed there and I watched as one of the faces of the Pentagon went down and I prayed for my friend

I remember watching in utter horror when bodies started dropping from the upper levels as people jumped to escape the fires.  I remember lurching as I imagined the thud when I saw some of the bodies rebound off of awnings and lower levels.   My mind stopped seeing it as real then.  I remember thinking it was like the Titanic  when it tipped over and you saw bodies falling from the decks.

I also remember thinking.   These people really don't understand America.   They think they will cower us but they do not understand  that they will awaken the sleeping giant.

I did think that to some degree we had bought it on ourselves one for being so self absorbed and not knowing or caring what the rest of the world thought of us, and two because we unquestioningly support Israel in whatever they do.   But I didn't feel we deserved this and as an ex-serviceman I thought about going to re-enlist.  I thought .... they should not have done this......

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Dazi one other question which I would like to ask you: How do you feel about the fact that women, young girls are being killed in the middle east simply for wanting an education? I 'm not sure to Soniachou's point that war is the answer but I don't know what is the answer.

i hate war, only the innocent people are the victims, but the supervisor get the praise.

I feel that Palestinian women and children dying is a travesty and a shame. I Don't feel the Palestinians have gotten a fair shake. However having said that how does the death of any of the people who died on 9-11 make the death of the women and children more palatable?<br />
<br />
The People in the United States are a pretty isolated. We dont' as a people pay attention to whats happening in other parts o the word unless someone points out to us that someone is starving or that human rights are being violated. Most of the people in the United States didn't see a connection at all between what you said about Palestine and the 9-11 attack. <br />
<br />
In point of fact why didn't you blow something up in Israel? What was done on 9-11 was cowardly.<br />
To your point though I am aware o the facts of what happened in Palestine when Israel was established and I agree that Palestine was snookered. <br />
America's inablility to do anything about that has to do with America's guilt for not doing anything for so long when Hitler started gassing jews. We did nothing for a long time and the Jews feel like they will never let that happen again. They will never again be at the mercy of not having a place to call their own and calling the shots for their own lives.<br />
<br />
Because of what happened America is very reluctant to corral in the state of Israel. But again why didn't you bomb Israel? They are the ones you are really mad at but you know better then to go to war directly with them. <br />
But unfortunately for you Palestine for the most people in the US is the furthest thing from their mind. You may think we have something against you and we are out to get you but really in our national psyche you are irrelevant until you attacked us but when you did that you didn't engender sympathy you caused bewilderment and rage. <br />
You could have worked on getting our sympathy for your cause but instead you created an almost enemy.<br />
Israel has treated you guys like crap. Former President Carter said so in his book but he was roundly attacked because of among other things people were angry about nine 11.<br />
I don't know where you are from Dazzi but you have a warped sense of the american psyche.<br />
I however personally think your cause is just but what happened on 9-11 didn't make me want to stand up for you. I do however thank you for your comments because I think the dialog is important. I can tell you though that middle and rural america thinks you guys are towel wearing savages that just want someone to kill you because you believe that you will go to some heathen heaven . I'm not saying this to insult you but telling you how people think because you attacked the US in the way that you did and that terrorist are still trying to do.<br />
Its funny that you mentioned Sadat because he is one of my all time heroes. The greatest sadness was that this peace maker was murdered by war mongerers. You had the ball in your hands and look what you did with it.<br />
<br />
(Davi none o this is personal as I don't know you personally so please understand that I'm trying to express to you how a lot of Americans feel about what happened about 9-11. And I can tell you that almost no americans understand about what happened in Palestine in 1947 and that was more Britan's fault then America's fault but since you took issue with my impersonal use of you and took to identify with it then I will say you didn't blow up Big Ben and you didn't blow up something in Israel you blew up a building where there were truly innocent people. If that was an act of war it was as cowardly as what the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor.)

When you say "they", do you know who you are talking about???? How do you feel about Palestinian women and children dying for more than 4 decades now???? The only way to live in peace is to offer peace. If you create wars, for your own benefit, the world will always be at war. Carter and Sadat taught us that peace is possible, the ball is in your hands.