Our Tribute To 9/11 Radio Show

Remembering September 11 2001 is something that we all should take notice about because this marks the 10th anniversary and GH Talk Radio will be having a special three hour show with many different guest to talk about what they were doing on that day. It is hard to believe that it has been ten years that our country was under attack and on this day we watch as a country while under attack came together and put aside all differences to come together to help those who were struck by this tragedy. 

We welcome anyone to come in and tell us about what you were doing on that day, and give us your feelings are you saw our great country while it was under attack. If you had lost someone in the attack we welcome you to come join us on our show.

We would like to hear your story here or live on the air September 11th 2011 at 8pm this Sunday. I will be reading people's stories live on the air from GH Talk Radio. If you would like to join us please send me message here because I don't want to break any rules. We want you to share your stories, and help us pay tribute to the day when our great Country came together as one.  

Our Special Guest Are
Country Music Star Kris Allen
Phil Summers
Barry Doyle
Buster Mathis Jr.
Robert Woonacott / CEO of Shape Web Designs
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Sep 8, 2011