I Was At School In The 4th Grade On September 11th 2001

I Remember Walking Up The Stairs To Class. I Was A Safety Patrol Monitor, And I Was Completing My Normal Tasks I Have In The Morning. I Remember Being Excited About My Birthday The Next Month And Church Anniversary That Coming Sunday. After I Made It To Class And Sat Down For A Few Minutes, We Was Handed Our Journals And Began Our Morning Writing. A Few Moments Into Writing Time, I Remember Somebody Coming Telling My Teacher About A Plane Hitting The World Trade Center. At That Time I Didn't Know What The World Trade Center Was Or The Pentagon At The Time. I Remember Having A Bad Feeling That What I Was Seeing, Is Something That Is Not Going To Have A Happy Ending. I Remember There Was A Boy Who Always Made Jokes (Better Know As A Class Clown) And I Remember Him Picking At What Was Happening In New York And Making Jokes. The Whole Class Use To Joke With Him And Laugh At His Jokes But This Time They All Was Telling Him To Shut Up And Grow Up This Is A Serious Matter. Then My Teacher Put Him In The Corner, And Called His Mother to Come Get Him. Then We Saw The Second Plane, For The First Time, My Class Was Silent. I Remember Being Concerned About My Grandfather Because He Lives In New York City. Thank God He Wasn't In The Area At The Time. I Remember Going To Lunch And The Whole Lunch Room Was Quiet And The Feeling Was So Creepy. Then I Remember Seeing The Principal Coming In Tell Our Teachers Something And Then Our Teacher Came To Us And Told Us The Pentagon Had Been Hit. I Was So Scared Being So Young At The Time, I Was Concerned That A Plane Was Going To Hit The First Union (Now Known As Wells Fargo) Building Downtown Which Was 262 Feet Tall And Had 17 Floors. People Said I Was Crazy For Thinking Terrorist Would Come Hit A Building Like That In Little Country Augusta Georgia. But At The Time I Believed Anything Can And Will Happen. Then Later That Day We Heard A Plane Hit A Field In Pennsylvania. I Was Saying To Myself Who Would Hit A Field Like That, Then Later I Found Out That The Original Target Was Either The White House Or The Capitol Building, And That The Passengers Tried To Take Control Of The Plane But The Plane Crashed. Then Seeing The Not One But Both World Trade Center Buildings Fall. That Day Was The Most Tragic And Horrible Day. I Remember One Year After The Attacks, On The One Year Anniversary, The Students And Teachers Wore Red, White, And Blue In Honor Of 9/11. But The Most Touching Thing About it Is That No Adult Told The Students To Wear Red, White, And Blue. Nobody The Adults To Wear It Either. We All Felt The Same Way, And That's We Are All Americans And We Wanted To Pay Tribute Tho The Victims And Heroes Of 9/11/2001. Can't Believe It's Been 10 Years And Now I'm An Adult And Have A Wife. Those Terrorist May Have Tried To Break Us But In The End It Brought Us All CLoser Together.
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Sep 15, 2011