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I had not been at work very long (a credit union) when I walked into the break room and the TV was on and the were talking about a plane hitting one of the towers. At first I thought it was a small plane....and then as I stood watching as the second tower was hit. I could not believe what was happening.

I never in my lifetime thought that something like that could happen in our country. I remember seeing the video of President Bush when he was told about it. I can only imagine what must have been going  on in his head at the time.

The rest of the day was eerily quite....I don't think we had one person come into the credit union that day. I remember getting home and turning the TV on and thinking about how to talk to my son about this...he was 8 at the daughter was only 3.

I remember standing outside that night...looking up and  not hearing any planes at all...with the exception of an a fighter jet from Patrick AFB once in a while.   Our country will never be the same again and I truly hope that we do not become so carefree or relaxed to think that it will never happen again....because just as soon as we do..that is when we will be hit again.

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Mitch...I appreciate you opinion but I would rather keep this about feelings on 9/11 and not about Iraq. Feel free to start up an experience about that if you'd like.

Nearly all of your words was (were?) very similar for me. You could hear one of the ladies scream and cry when the south tower fell. She just said over and over ' all those people'. Very sensitive woman. The company closed around 11:30; we went home to determine how to explain this to our children. <br />
It was a bad day.