I Was Driving to Class.

I in the parking lot, trying to find a spot for my class. It started at 9:30, and I was early because I needed to talk to some people about a project we were working on. As I was driving, I was mostly tuning out the radio, and the guy was talking about the plane. I only heard bits and pieces - "I am still just shocked. I can't believe this!" and something about a plane. I'm trying to find a close space, and thinking - "Is he still going on about Aaliyah? That was almost a month ago!"

Then I hear Bin Laden and WTC...Finally it dawns on me. And I'm wondering how that could have happened...and then, suddenly he bursts out with "OH MY GOD!! I'M NOT BELIEVING WHAT I'M SEEING!! ANOTHER PLANE! ANOTHER PLANE HAS JUST CRASHED INTO THE OTHER TOWER!!!!!"

There is the moment of not knowing if this is some weird coincidence, and surreality before it could sink in.

I finally give myself a shake and go into class. I tell everyone what's going on, and the room becomes deserted. My husband was in the miilitary - as was nearly everyone's husband/wife/father/boyfriend in that room.

After a very strained and unproductive class, a friend and I went to get takeout to eat at her house. On the way there, and at the restaurant, we heard garbled news about the pentagon and other rumors that turned out to not be true. I cannot get my husband on the phone. Base is on lockdown. No one on or off. Rumors, oh the rumors or what was happening there...

But we sat in her living room, food growing cold, faces ashen, watching as that second plane hit the tower over and over and over...

That night, my neighbors and I sat around clutching our cordless phones, holding hands, waiting for our men to come home. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I think scarier than when he actually went to the war. By then, we'd had time to prepare mentally for the idea. This was just so sudden.

That day, and its events will be forever etched in my memory...

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3 Responses Apr 12, 2008

I am sure it would be very difficult to find anyone who does not remember where they were on 9-11-01.. Do you remeber when kennedy was shot or perhaps you are not old enough i recall exactly both and can yet to this day have very vivid memories,, i was watching tv and saw the second plane crash.. It was like watching a movie!!!

Strange and terrible. Worse than anything that has ever happened to this country because of the media coverage. Pearl Harbor wasn't as awful because it wasn't as real. People heard of it, and maybe saw pictures...This - I just remember the news, and the footage of the 2nd plane crash replaying every five minutes.

That was a strange and scary day