9-11 I Was

On 9-11-01 I was on vacation for the week. Didn't go anywhere Just home doing chores. Well that Tuesday was a day I planned to do errands. The wife was on business trip in our State but not at home for a few days. I got the kids off to school and went out to run my errands. First stop was the post office. I get out of my car and as I'm going in a older man say can you believe what's going on in New York? I nod my head as if I understand and continue on in to the post office. I took care of my business, buying stamps in the lobby. I could hear more talk about New York which raised my curiosity so I finished quickly and went back to my car to turn on the radio. On the radio I heard my first account of what's going on. I raced back home and turned on the TV to get was more news. I literally did not leave my chair for the entire week, I was transfixed on this story. Weird thing was my wife who was out of town was suppose to be in New York on 9-11 but her trip got switched and a group came from New York to Michigan instead. The main office for her company is in NY, one block from the World Trade Center. She would have been in this tragedy had her meetings not be changed. Very scary time, but also a time when New Yorkers showed great courage, great compassion for one another.
Robert648 Robert648
46-50, M
Mar 7, 2012