Car Sell, Test In School, Prepairng To Maturity Exams

It is a curous history. I always have been interested in common politics and international range evemts. I have never been afraid of plane flying, despite of fact that I have heard many horrible news about plane crash. Not the same crash was frightening, but just a number of dead people. I was preparing to English test in school when my father called and asked me if I know what has already happened. I haven't got connected computer to the Internet yet, so, i couldn't have known about that as fast as he(his company has got that connection much earlier than my settle). Despite of fact I was slightly nervous about this test end and next necessity of prepairing to the maturity exams, I turned on TV and I was heavily shocked. What do I see??? i thought. Simply I have seen two towers and two planes hiting into this, after what they have been pulled down. I also was wathing international TV station as BBC World, Sky News, CNN. Every of them were showin only one scaring picture. That was pictures of the WTC being pulled down due to fire determined by hit of planes. Those numbers of victims, which were told by journalist were scaring. There have never been so tragic in number of victim attacks. Over 2000. We had been using many years Polonez Caro 1.6 GLE.(carburator) It was great, nice comfortable car and very silent, which was unusually in polish cars. Especially it was fine with parted rear seats. You could fix into this bikes, wheelchair, big bag and it was perfecly mechanicly done, despite of the bottom and ignition cable. And this is a next answer on this question. After 6 years of using of this car(we have bought it as 3-year old car) It started to be problematic due to technical malfunction, wheels, suspension, steering wheel state. And it has happened in that way, that we have sold this wonderful car, which we overdrew through all Poland on 9/11/2001.
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Apr 27, 2012