Worst Day Ever

I will never forget 9/11. I am originally from NJ and had just been up to visit my family there. I was on the phone with my aunt, talking about the funny things we had done on my visit. All of a sudden she screamed...and I mean blood curtling, fear for your life screaming. She yelled for me to turn on the television, which I did. We both thought the first plane hitting the WTC was a terrible accident. I remember us talking about the poor people that worked there and on the plane. We also talked about the bombing in the 90's. Then I watched the second plane hit, live on tv, and I got scared. I knew at that moment this was no accident, that we were under attack. My aunt and I hung up with each other and I stayed glued to the tv. I decided to pick my kids up from school and was on my way when I heard that the Pentagon got hit, and then I learned of the plane that crashed in PA and the brave souls on board that flight. I live in Virginia, and even though I'm not near DC, it felt close to home. I still think about that day often. I think about the people that lost their lives, I think about their families, and I think about the consequences of that day. It certainly changed my attitude about a lot of things.
karmazrevenge karmazrevenge
36-40, F
Apr 27, 2012