Only If I Really Knew .....

I was in the 7th grade in 2001 . On the morning of 9-11 I was walking into my computer class . My teacher was watching the TV . We set down and saw a building on fire with smoke coming out of it . Then I heard Matt Lauer say" If you are just tunning in that is a plane in the tower of the world trade center". We still didnt know at this point if it was a dumb Ploit or some big mistake . Then the 2nd plane hit and Matt said that wasnt a replay!That is a 2nd plane that hit the world trade center !! I just remember thinking that this is big but If I only knew that this was only the start. That 11 years later it's still not over and 1000's of people have died the count is still going growing each day . 9-11 was and still is a sad day but it's still happening...... My Whole world changed that day and didnt even know it. Only if I truely knew I was watching the world change before my eyes ..
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I was in 7th grade as well. The principle made an announcement on the intercom. I remember having no idea what he was talking about or what was going on. They set up a television with the news on in the hallway, students and teachers gathered in front of it crying. I don't remember when I realized what was actually going on but it definitely changed my life. I think it changed everyone's life