In the Psyche Ward

I rememeber reading the newspaper that day in the ward. I wished I would have been somewhere else...

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Me...I was doing the breakfast shift at a Carl's Jr....And the worse part was.....Just to sell a cookie...I would tell people that came through my drive thru...If their total was $6.66<br />
<br />
That I could not allow them to leave my drive thru unless they bought a cookie....I mean did they want to have that number in their car..When planes were falling from the ski....Well they did buy a cookie...ANd nothing bad happened in Pomona Ca.

Not going into too much!<br />
<br />
Here in Australia, It was about 10ish at night and I was half watching T.V after a heavy day's drinking!<br />
<br />
..I thought it was a bad b grade movie at first,then realisation hit me!...This was real! ..I am So Sorry to those who lost loved ones<br />
<br />
The World Will Never be The Same!!