It Was Surreal

I was working at Fenton Art Glass factory when it happened. One of the girls came over to my desk and told me that a plane flew into the WTC. I told her that what she said wasn't funny and told her to go away. Our group was always pulling pranks on each other. They were always miffed because I never fell for their jokes. She went back to her desk and was talking to the others that I work with. Then other people came in and were milling around. One girl looked really shook up. By that time I decided to go and see another coworker. She had a small mini TV on her desk so she could listen to her soaps. She showed the screen to me. My jaw dropped. I thought at first that it was a movie commercial. Just as I looked at the TV screen again, I saw the second plane crash into the second building. I was frozen to the spot. I could not make sense of what was happening. It felt strange, like there was no way that it could really be happening. Everyone continued to go back to work because our supervisor told them to. but I was rooted to that coworkers desk trying to figure out how two idiots could have done this. Later when I got home I watched the news. When I learned that someone had done this on purpose still couldn't believe it. I sometimes wonder what went on in the minds of those poor passengers. God, it must have been horrible. I hope nothing like this ever happens again. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the passengers who lost their lives through this tragedy.
craftingnut91 craftingnut91
41-45, F
Mar 5, 2009