In the Car

I was driving down GA 400 to my office. My wife was in North Georgia working on a remodel project for a friend of ours. I had my favorite station on when the news broke and everyone on the radio was like "What the hell!" A plane just hit the tower. In about ten minutes, I was in my office and instantly hit the web. By this time the second plane had hit and the others were about to strike.

I couldn't find anything on the web, so I went to a couple of English newspaper sites and got more info there because of the time difference.

I called my wife an woke her to tell her what was going on. She ran to the television and described to me the scenes. We were both devastated that anyone would have the nerve to do this.

To say the least, I closed the office down and sent everyone home.

I'm still not over the sheer gutless act.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I was on the way to get passport photos taken with my wife. We were each in our own cars because we had to go different directions after the photos. I was driving my stepsons Jeep which had no radio or anything. We pulled up to a stop light and my wive comes running up from her car and tells me that a plane has hi the WTC. We kept going and I was thinking a Cessna or something like that that was really erratic had hit i. I had no idea! <br />
When we arrived at the AAA offices, they had the television on and few minutes later the second plane hit the other tower. I turned to my wife and the rest there in the office and told here "Terrorists".<br />
I was supposed to go play golf that day with a friend, but instead went to his house and we watched the story unfold until early afternoon and then I went home and my wife and I watched the rest of the day unfold on the telly. She knew a lot of people that worked in the WTC and our son lived in Manhattan so we were calling all day long to get a hold of him. We finally heard from him about 7 or 8 PM. Some relief, but not much!

I was at home working on the computer before work...I always have the news on...I remember them showing the first tower on fire and they didn't even know what had happened yet. Then a little later came the second was terrible to see, I saw it live. I'm not over it heart goes out to all who lost someone that terrible day. What I fear is what will they do next? Sadly, I feel they are already here waiting for their orders...