I Was At Work

Our local radio station didn't seem to think it was that big of deal at first. There was no news break-ins into the regular morning programming, just at the normal news breaks, they say a plane hit a building in NYC. They made it out to seem that it was just a small Cessna or something of the like.


A few minutes later, I left the lab to go to our main office that is elsewhere on the property. On my way back to the lab, I was casually flipping through stations on the radio in my car and happened upon Howard Stern. He apparently had a good view of the unfolding events from his studio. As I hit his broadcast, the second jet had was just hitting the WTC. I came back into the lab and asked my coworker if our local station (102.5) had mentioned anything else about what happened. He replied that they didn't, they didn't even break in with more news about "the plane that hit a building in NYC". I told him what I had heard on Howard Stern and we immediately found another station covering the events. That's all we listened to for the rest of that day. I don't remember getting much work done. At that time, we didn't have access to the internet at work so we couldn't check out any news on the web.  Both of us were anxious to get home to see the news, so when our other coworker came in around 2pm, all we did was hound her at what happened.


Still, to this day, it shocks me that something this momentous, was basically ignored by our local radio station and not covered until a few hours after it happened.

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3 Responses Apr 10, 2009

I was at work, we had a T.V. in the break room I remember all the speculation ended when we realized that second plane was not a re-play, but an actual second plane. We all knew what it was then.

I was home...I took the day off so that I could go see my daughter her on her 4th Birthday........

I was at work as well, My boss came out of the office white as a sheet. I was getting an employee some supplies she needed, I walk up to my boss and asked what was wrong. He said the towers have just fell to the ground, We talked about five minutes, then decided to send everyone home for the rest of the day with pay.