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Where Was I When the World Stopped Turning....

~ I was at home. In Toronto, Ontario. Momma was at work & phoned me. Asked if I was watching TV, I said yes (I was watching "Roswell" on SPACE). They didn't interrupt like they did on the normal channels. She told me to turn it to CNN. The sight that met my eyes........Watching those twin towers getting plowed into by planes........ I thought for sure it was a movie. To my horror & everyone elses I'm sure.......It wasn't a movie. On that day, Our world didn't just stop turning.........It changed forever. We didn't get to feel safe anymore. Terrorism wasn't something that happened in other countries, now it was here & it was TERRIFYING! I will never forget that day. It is forever burned into my brain.................... And I have never been on a plane since! ~

deleted deleted 26-30 May 1, 2009

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