Where I Was

I remeber being at home in my bedroom. I was home schooled in england and had just finished my lessons for the day. I went upstairs to watch t.v and saw the second plane hit the tower. I recall running downstairs to tell my mum, and the shock on her face. At the time I don't think I quite understood the impact of what I was seeing unfold as I was quite young, but i remember the feeling of horror at what was happening.

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2 Responses Jun 4, 2009

I was on my way to take flying lessons, go fiqure. I was training for my private pilot license. I saw the smoke coming out of the tower on CNN. I asked my wife to call Mikki, my sister in law who lives one block from towers. I wanted to be sure of her well being. I had just stayed there in June thatb year. I slept below the picture window overlooking the towers. We were on the phone when plane 2 hit. She saw the people leaping from the building in real life. My brother knew about 12 of the people at Cantor Fitzgerald who were killed. The front picture window blew out, when one of the towers collapsed. A sick gray dust eventually settled in her apartment and on her belongings. She is a hardened city girl and never sounded the same in her emails for five years. Her memory of that day is still not complete. The residents have a saying down there in Battery Park Plaza and I think they earned the right to express themselves. ' The people on those planes were not Iraqis.' I had a childhood friend lose his son in Iraq about one year ago. Its sad for everyone.

I was teaching that morning, a classroom full of Fourth graders. Another teacher came to my room and told me to turn on the t.v. . It didn't feel real. The kids thought it was a movie at first. It was numbing. I remember having lots of deep conversation with my students that year letting them know over and over again that they were safe (Secretly not knowing if we really were)