Saddest Day of My Life Thus Far...

It was a regular work day, but I was running early for once, though.

When I'd arrived at work, I headed towards the doors to see a co-worker come running out of the building, saying "They just flew a plane into the Twin Towers!"

I'd known her to be a bit of a fruit loop, so I didn't do anything but shake my head in amusement. No one else said anything, so I didn't think anything about it.

I got to my office just in time to see the second plane smash into the second tower, and I swear I felt the worst chill in my life. Life ceased to make sense, for those few minutes it took to sink in.

Life will never be what it was; innocence- real and imagined- was forever destroyed on that day.

xenmuse xenmuse
31-35, M
Aug 13, 2009