My sister who is in the AIR-FORCE and my brother and I was moving my mom from CA to AZ. We was in San Francisco at a hotel, my brother turned the TV on and I saw the plane crash in the first tower, I thought at first was a sick joke, my brother told me it was real no joke, my sister was getting calls from her commander, we had to get to AZ fast. we were stopped at every check point my sister and I were driving a U haul, when the cops seen my sister was in the air-force they let us go. we stopped to fuel up and inside there was a turban man and the tension inside the place was bad he was surrounded, every one was in high alert and upset at just what happen. I to this day don't know if he was beaten or not. I was suppose to get a flight home, My husband called me he was also glad I didn't. I will never for get or forgive.
56-60, F
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I was in the Pentagon. I left an hour and 5 minutes before the plane hit. I think I'll remember that.

Glad you where out BF the plan hit.