On That Cloudy Day......

I can remember where i was on 9-11-01. I can remember sitting in my second grade classroom, the curtains were open but the lights were off, so there wasn't much light coming into the room because of the overcasting clouds. the tv was on low as we were watching the news, even then, we were oblivious to what was happening. All i could remember was hearing my teacher crying quietly behind us as she sat at her desk. an uneasy sense of worry took over my stomach then, because i knew, something was wrong. I mean, when you're a kid, you NEVER expect aduts to cry, they are supposed to be the brave ones...

the phone rang but nobody moved but Mrs. Vocks. She got up from her desk and made her way through the little clusters of students waiting in their desks to hear the reason for all the commotion surrounding us that day. "Hello?" i heard a broken person say through the phone. Some murmuring and a few nods on our end... She hung up the phone and really looked at us for the first time, "Two planes have crashed into the twin towers!!," she said in shock. Her voice shook with the sobs while she was trying to choke out the words of what was happening, in terms that we could understand.

Parents were called, arrangments were made, but i still went home at the regular time. Walking in a daze, concerned for those who truly knew what was going on and going through the motions of agony just in case i was supposed to....

I found out a few years later that my mom had done a great job of putting on a brave front for the kids, because my dad wan't just thirty minutes away at work, he was in an airplane, flying above New Jersey, circling for hours in fear of them being next, and waiting to land, so they could send people home...:):):)

He Made it home. :)

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Thank You, Paco. =)

:) glad you and your mom and dad are ok.