Long time before i avoided to talk about this feeling which's mad me slowly,
i won't to believe it's truth because i am afraid from some facts but it's the ugly truth it's 100% truth
Yes... i am suffering from something look like a curse!! i can't runaway from it?! it follow me from country to country ...
i searched a lot to know the reason in behind it's hurt & made me very tired,
there's no reasons, it's just a feeling driving me crazy once i think about it or someone talk to me about such concern !!

too many relatives are doing ridiculous thinks in front of me, i never blamed them or even carry some heat to their strange behaviours,
instead of that i do laugh to avoid hurt their feeling, while if i made or talk any accidental ridiculous issue all the people around are hurrying to let me feel silly or they offering yellow smile with absurd look!! even those ridiculous personal!!!  whom are very stupid & nobody talk to them except me because i feel sorry to their freq character !!

Finally i discovered the reason as the situation became unbelievable because some heater start in some plans to hurt me physically, 
the funny part in those personal that i never had any conversation with them or even negative situation !!

Why?! i don't know Why!! even i asked them directly, the answer was they don't like me at all & that's it all...!!
No they do hatred me without reasons it's just a deep feeling inside their heart!!! 
they judged me from 1st impression & have no mined to hurt me at first chance, also have no way to talk to me for changing their negative impressions !!

the most important part, this issue are happening every couple of day i became unlikely between relatives, 
because the hatred issue laying stories about me in front of others!! i don't know Why?! 
which made the relatives whom like me so much deal with me as an enemy!! 

now it became general situation between most of the close relatives around me! pleas advice me what i have to do?
note that i'm good person, have positive character, like fun & laugh, smart & able to read people from their eyes, have very kind heart & can't hurt any body even by words, even don't know how to heat people or evaluate personal in the same way they are judging me!

thank you for offering time to read this experience, i do appreciate if you could let me know how you will deal with the situation if you were me?

samsum1984 samsum1984
26-30, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

Thank you for those nice words, i do appreciate it :)