I Remember You...

You asked my once why I love you. All I can tell you is that I do. There is a better reason, but for that, there are no words in any language to describe how much I love you. But I can tell you I remember you...and me....I remember us. I remember you, your hair, your eyes, your mouth. I remember your ears, your neck, shoulders and chest, I remember your hips, you legs, your feet, your arms, I remember you. And I cherish it. I remeber the way your hair felt, cool and like silk, soft to the touch. I remember the way you used to look at me with complete adoration, and you still do, I remember the way you used to kiss me, the way you still do, and I do remember kissing your ear, and right behind, which you loved so much, and making those little clicking noises that make you laugh. And your laughter! Like music to my ears, to hear your mirth and joy vocalized, it was like the singing of the angels unto me! I remember your neck, that one little place I could bite or kiss just so, and you would squirm and writhe. I remember laying my head on you shoulder, standing behind you with my arms wrapped around you. I remember your hips, and the way they would move, the way they give you an hourglass figure. I remember your legs, tracing them with my fingers and hair, and even tongue. I remember your feet, and certain things better left out of this dissertation, and your arms, I was happiest when you held me, and in those moments it was just us. When I think of you, I remember flashes, flashes of us. I see us walking at night in the park, or on the square. I see us driving, I see me at your work, I remember watching you through the window, waiting for you to get off. I remember walking through the woods, hand in hand on a summer evening. I remember our night on the bridge, I remember holding you, kissing you, laying with you, watching movies with you, talking with you, I remember you laying on my chest, and talking you to sleep. I remember you liking the sound of my clove cigarettes crackling, I remember waiting out in the rain for you, I remember being happy with you, I remember loving you, and I still do. You say you are not special, but you are wrong. My sight has never left you, not after all these years. I never stopped searching for you, not once. I never stopped loving you, though I tried. I thought you were lost to me, but I found you again. Take solace in at least this: Never shall you be cast from me, never shall my sight turn from you, never shall my heart or mind be closed to you, and for you, I shall let love bleed, deeper and darker than the seas of hell! You are my queen, my love, and always shall be, my Beautiful Rose of Oller.
Lucavi Lucavi
26-30, M
10 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Absolutely beautiful! This rings so unbelievably true to how I feel about the woman I love. Just wow. Really feel this right to my soul. I hope you two are still together

This is beautiful!

Wow someone is lucky. What the h@ll is an oller?

Fantastic writing, Beautiful.


i hope that you found your lost rose sound like the dream that i have of my own lost love

Impressive!!! I wish I could express how I felt, like you do

Beautiful ! Thats all i can say.

I could feel every emotion you express.

i am nothing near as good of a writer as you are, but in much smaller words, i remember as well. from the tickle of your stach, to how easily i can make you laugh. i never want to let go of you again. and i never will.