Can You Remember It


hurtin inside and you haven't even hurt me it's my fualt for my thoughts of what

could have been of what would have been if I had not acted like a fool Is to late

 now I can't reverse time Wish I could access your mind for a memory of me

problem is it was so long ago maybe there is nothing left of me I know you got

alot going on you don't need me in your life but could that be wrong? What

about her the one that has taken my place Is she there has she gotten to your

heart But there is not much I can say for there is not much I deserve after I

avoided the whole mess But I'll keep going to the end even though is you now

who says I'm just a friend But I can't stop my mind from running wild It was long

ago but I still remember you hitin it and I can go longer but I have to stop

 thinking it   Truth is Im missin it jes-us can you remember it.

ForeverTeen ForeverTeen
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2009