Creepy Stories, Ghost Hunting

I have had good times when i was younger too.
Things were so simple, the world seemed so small...
Okay let's cut the crap and get to the point.
I've always loved horror stories and horror movies. I used to watch the scariest shows and brag about it, hehe.

Once in primary school in the third grade, i tried to make a reenactment of a famous horror series which was really popular then. In recess, me and my friend J told all the kids that we were making an episode of that series. Everybody wanted to act. LOL. We arranged everything but in the end, we couldn't find the main character. The little girl who had the "thing" inside her. All the girls shied away from playing the little vamp. Then the bell rang and my directorial debut bombed with it. :{

But I still loved creepy things.
Kids tell loads of stories don't they?
There were loads of stories about the bathrooms and the ghosts that lived at the end of them. Once J told me that the bus driver had told them that some many years ago, a girl had died there. It was a very popular story. Nobody dared going at the end of the bathrooms except me and J. And there was nothing! I was so disappointed.

Same year, our school gamekeeper died in the summer holidays. He lived in the school during the school days(i don't know about vacations). People said he had died alone in the school. I didn't believe them. We went to the room where he lived. It was locked. I peeked through the keyhole and saw the bed and everything that was visible covered in white sheets. Then others looked in it too Many kids believed they had seen someone was lying on the bed under the sheet.

Then there was a rumor that the school was built on an old graveyard. Its still being retold(as little kids from my little brothers school van report).

Then I moved to junior high(which started from 5th grade and continued till 10th). I still loved creepy things. There was an abandoned very old office(now there's a plaza over that place) near the girls school. In the exams when we had loads of free time to roam about before the van came, we decided to explore that in sixth grade. Because i had insisted of course.

Teheehee, that's when I decided to play a prank on them. I knew the place was locked up but when we went inside through the gates, i started acting weird. I started walking on the drive to the main building as if in a trance. The others were still coming in. Then they noticed me and started getting worried and calling me. To add to the environment, i dropped my bag which i was holding in my hand.
I went to the door and started tugging on it like I had to go in.

Then my friends ran to me and i turned to them and tried to maintain the livid expression but started laughing out hard. That was fun. :)

Next year, we found a creepy old house near a bookstore. It had been abandoned too. My best friend W ran away cause he was too scared and me and J were left.
The door was locked but we found a broken window He went in first and i came after him. There was old furniture and wooden beams stacked up there. Everything was dusty. We went to the next room and then to a kitchen. Man it was an old house. There were stoves(not one stove) and they were weirdly shaped. Then there was an opening. Large one. And there were plants there. Really. There was so much dust that weeds had grown on the floor. I looked away to the other side and saw a light on in the other room. We were scared. So we came out.

I went to that house many times with other friends and was stopped by the neighbors when we tried to enter through the back side where there were other homes too. They tried to scare us with stories too(but by now, i had learned better not to believe the stories. Primary school had been enough). But later, we learned why that place was not such a good one. There was a little shop near it and it was famous because drugs were sold there. I didn't believe it. But once, we tried to go to that house through a little door in the back(away from the neighbors house) and we found liquor bottles there. That really was a drug shop, right near our school. :/

That's about it with the creepy fun i have had in school.
The real creepy experiences of mine aren't much. But they'll make another story.
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Aug 7, 2010