The Day She Came Into My Life

April 29th,2005.Was a day never to be forgotten.Of course we new she was coming and the anticipation was huge for me.the day went on and i couldnt sit still until later in the afternoon i got a call to come down to the hospital.A couple of hours went by and she arrived.She was the mot beautiful thing id ever seen.An absolutely gorgeous baby,now most parents are bias but she truly is a little angel.She didnt even make a sound.

As i stood there in shock and awe also complete amazement at the wonder of such a miracle that child birth is.I looked up at the doctor to see him hand me the scissors to cut the umbilical cord.As i went to cut it i took a moment to savor what i was about to do,which was release her into life and the world.
Ill never ever forget the feeling i had at that point.

Well it was getting late and time had gone by and my x was completely tired and out of it.So i went home and she did what all mums do and nursed her and got some rest as well.As i sat alone at home any dad knows the thoughts and feelings you go through,Joy,fear,excitement,pride and so on.So i couldn't relax of course and paced all night and smoked a heap of dope and drank Jimmy's in my own little celebration.It got to about six o'clock in the morning and i just couldn't stay away,so i went back to the hospital even though the yd told me that i couldn't unless it was visiting hours.Now if you know me then anyone thatd said stay away from your own child and missus was gonna get told to **** off and laughed at especially at a time like that.So as i got there i snuck myself in and found her in another bed.Pulled back the curtain to a huge smile from my partner laying there with Charli her chest.The best thing id ever seen,The cutest little baby face.

I instantly layed down beside them and we just went all gah gah and stared at her and talked about her for hours on end.I felt so good about myself and excited to show the world my daughter.Now obviously the family and friends came over the next two days to see her.But the pinnacle was the day we brought her home.I helped my partner out of the car and told her to just go inside and ill do the rest.So i grabbed her bags and dropped them inside and hurried back to get Charli as i unbuckled her i told her welcome home bub,ive got so much to show you.

I really felt emotional and deeply about her from the moment she entered my life.As i walked through the door the joy was over whelming and my partner and i just again sat and stared for hours.There was no one else in the world but us and nothing else even mattered either.This went on for days until i had to go back to work,that morning was the hardest thing i ever did which was just leaving the house quietly as they were both asleep.I went in to charli's room and said hello and kissed her little forehead.A tear was shed and i told her i loved her and pushed my self out the door.

If i could relive this time i would give my life up for that chance.She is the best thing that ever happened to me and always will be.I dont want her to grow up as there innocence is priceless.

I love you Charli and miss you like nothing else.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

What a lovely story. There is nothing greater then loving a child.

That was a beautiful way to put it, not many dads would write or say it like that! Know your a proud dad!