I Remember -

When Hershey Bars were 25 cents.
When Phones really had dials.
When The Twin Towers fell.
Candy cigarettes.
When there was only the NFL football.
Bubble gum cigars.
when you had to get up to change the channel of adjust the volume.
when Christmas season didn't start till after Thanksgiving.
when Tastycake Pies were 10 cents.
when there was no internet.
when TV programs were in black and white.
when almost all TV was live broadcast.
when you weren't physically assaulted when you got on an airplane.
when there were payphones just about everywhere.
when everyone's Mom was a stay at home Mom.
waiting for the Sear, Montgomery Wards and JC Penny Christmas catalogs to show up in the mail.
I remember when they delivered mail twice a day and a 1st class letter was only 3 cents.
when there were drive-in movie theaters.
when gas was 29.9 cents a gallon.
when you could go to McDonald's and get a complete meal for less than a dollar.
when you could play outside all afternoon without worrying and your parents wouldn't be freaked out.
the day President Kennedy was shot.
when the introduced UHF channels.
Rabbit Ear antennas.
when people burned their leaves.
watching Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon live.
before weather satellites and the forecast seemed more accurate.
when John Glenn first orbited the earth.
when people had to rake their leaves.
when nobody had a cell phone.
when computers had 16k of memory.
when no one had a home computer.
when the calculators were large and sat on a desk.
when you had to wind your watch.
when hardly anyone locked their doors.
when Pong was the only video game.
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I remember alot of them.... not all.... but most. Good times. *smiles*

When they delivered milk to your house in glass bottles. --We had this little rotating hatch in the corner of the kitchen that you put the empty bottles on. The milkman would spin the hatch, remove the empty and replace it with a full bottle, then spin it back so that the milk rotated into the house. The caps for the glass bottles are what kids of a couple of years ago called "Pogs".

What were the police like back then? Were they any different from today?

Police back then were more open and public servants, less contentious and confrontational, willing to help and a lot less violent.

Yea, they don't teach us to be too much like that in the explorer program. I got a bad evaluation grade for leaning on a woman's car while talking to her, yet another explorer kick a lady's car, called her a b!tch, told her to move, and didn't get any form of punishment. I don't think the police should be taught to see the public as the enemy.

Yes makes me sad and nostalgic

I was born in 1963 so I rebember most of this. You mentioned JFK, my mom told me she was carring me in a store and it came across the lound speakers in the store, she said she cried.

I remember most of it too. Good old days (?)

They certainly seemed so.

I would've been much better in school with internet.
I was always so curious but we only had a single-volume lexicon at home and no library with a multivolume. Didn't satiate my hunger for information.

This was nice to read. I too, remember these things fondly.

I remember everything except mail twice a day. remember party lines on the phone

All the time and the people on the other line would get so mad. I seems like yesterday.

That;s one thing we never had. I remember seeing about them in movies and always wondered what it would be like to listen in on one. lol

Ya know...candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars are still around. I'm a teenager who owns both.

Haha, You make me feel old. I remember 90% of these.
How about Mom said, You can stay outside till the Streetlights come on?
Or, you could leave your bicycle on the Front porch... without it getting stolen?
Thanks...Old Man. :))

I bet everyone was friendlier back then.

You made me smile with alot of these memories, thank you :)

Brings back memories! And yes I liked the grape bubblegum cigars!

Just a bit worried, I remember all of those things and a few more.

Memories. As we age aren't our memories bitter sweet? Because they belong to us. They cannot be changed. There is no time travel machine.

Oh, I have seen bubblegum "cigars" and candy ciggarettes.