Was Bricking Myself

The frist time I bought tights I was was bricking myself because I went 2 a shop called supervalue round the corner from me I no stupid I should have gone some where far from where I live but thinkfuly the wee man at the till didnt say anything but i knew I had 2 say something so I said that they where 4 my sister again stupid because he haded noticed them on till I said that and I didnt go any were near the shop 4 2 weeks after that even thougth he still dont say anything I was still brickin it. but a few years l8er in fact it is 3 years ago in july I bought some more when I was down in dublin at oxegen I went in 2 the wee town near the site called nasa I just went in 4 more drink but ended up walkin about 2 find a shop that had tights I found 1 got some I think I got 2 boxes got 2 the till and the woman looked at me as if I had 2 heads and I said whats the matter and she asked why I was buyin tights and I said because I 4got 2 bring my longjohns with me 2 oxegen (which was bull I hate wearing them and dont have any) and its freezing standing about in the rain 4 12 hours working and its colder at night in my tent and she was still looking at me as 2 say yea but your buying tights so now all my tights I buy them online. Thanks 4 reading
Ryanstights Ryanstights
26-30, M
1 Response May 4, 2012

Just say they are for your girlfriend or your friend. Anyways who cares what the cashiers think!