Remembering The First Couple Of Times

The wife knew I was wearing her hand me down panties and seemed just OK with it. Then one day, as were browsing at a local thrift store, I spotted a couple of packages of pantyhose. They were all of .50, so I motioned them to the wife and she just shrugged her shoulders. So in to the cart they went.

A few weeks later, while out in the middle of the night wearing my new pantyhose under my lounge pants, I stopped at a 24 hour Walgreens. I saw in the add they had pantyhose on sale, so I wanted a few more pairs. I walked in, made my selection, and up to the register I went. The clerk, a girl in her late 20's, asked as she scanned them, 'are these for you?'. I was a bit taken back and did not expect the question, but answered 'yes. In fact I am wearing a pair right now.' I lift the leg of my lounge pants and showed her. She responded, 'cool'. I have stopped into that same store several more times to purchase more hose. One time just wearing a long shirt and hose, another wearing my hose, micro miniskirt, and low cut top. I always have a great conversation with that clerk.
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great turnon, wasnt it?

Very cool, you know how to excite!