I Can Buy Womens Pantys Now.

I'm a panty boy and I would get scared,nervous,embarassed to buy panties for myself.What would the mothers and daughters think of a grown man in the panty department buying panties.I get stern looks,smiles,gross me out look,panties mean so much to me ,I finally grew some balls and buy panties now without tripping.I need them they feel good and I feel sexy like a woman.
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6 Responses May 14, 2012

Think of all the wasted time before. Enjoy and relish the looks. I often talk to those around me whilst shopping or whilst lining up at the checkout. Life is too short not to enjoy Ever moment. Push your limits a little.


Good for you. I too enjoy buying my girlie underwear, shapewear, lingerie and dresses in the stores. It is so much fun.

Absolutely!!! I think we'd have a great time shopping together.


i know that buying panties in person in stores is part of the turnon, and i love to buy from a young sales girl myself. but i have been buying on line a lot. i buy to many really. but when i see a sexy pair i cant stop buying.

There Are some lovely things on line but it's much better to interact with others.


Good for you :)

yes, good for you! I love shopping and buying my girl things in stores, though I have gotten the looks you talked about, no big deal!

I have grown to enjoy those looks. They are the ones you remember and look back on. Without the looks and interactions it is nowhere near as much fun.


good for you.