My second Love
Her name was Kathleen, but she preferred to be called Cathy with a “C”.
Mike and I walked out to take my car, as we head to the base he ask what are plans were for the morning I told him we had an offer of a job , as he looked at me he ask doing what. As I went on to explain that Bill from the Inn had ask me if we would make a couple of dives to check hauls on his fishing boats and change the zinc’s out.
He asks how much and I told him we were offered 100.00 each per boat, but he has at least 8 boats that need it but 2 right away and he will cover the air cost. But Cathy and I were sitting on the other night and it looks like a hard hat system sitting there. Mike just goes really that would make it really easy as I smiled and said yes.
As we reached the guard on the base we were flagged thought and we headed to the hangar. We park and went to sign in, then we started to do the pre flight stuff we had to do made sure the plane was cleaned as the rest of the crew joined us we all talked and joked.
We took our wing positions as we walked the plane out of the hangar, and the fuel truck came to fill the plane we grad our bags and put out flight gear on about 7:30 the finished fueling the plane as they hooked up the APU to power up the plane and the last few checks so stood by our fire bottles for start up.
As the first engine roared to life the APU was unhooked and removed as the other 3 motors were started, and then all run up. Mike pulled one set of wheel chokes and I pulled the other and we climbed up the ladder to taxi to the passage hangar.
We parked at the hangar as they brought the big stairs and we opened the door as others started to board the plane as penny came up the ramp she kissed mike and of course Cathy was not going to be out done and she wrap her arms around me and kissed me the other wife’s and guess giggled at them
One lady told the other wife’s it was ok even they had been young at one time as they all smiled as Mike and I did you jobs and made sure everything was put away and all seat belts were on as mike turned on the light for the pilot, we went thought our briefing stuff. And told them we had a new pilot today.
As Mike and I took our seats. As one of the older lady’s ask why we were not sitting with our wife’s, Cathy said we were not married yet and the base commanders wife to me to get back by her anyway.
Cathy came up and sat at the front of the plane with me and mike went back to sit with his wife the back of the plane. As the motors started up and the plane started to move, as we taxied out the main run way the plane stop then you could feel all the motors come up on the power as the plane started down the run way as we felt the plane smooth out.
We knew we were off the ground, and climbing as the plane settle into level flight, we got up and started to walk around and make sure everyone was ok. A lot of the women were talking or watching out the windows with the children.
When one of the lady ask if we could take there child to use the bathroom and I told as a rule no we cannot but seeing as you are with another child I will. Then Cathy said she would do it as the lady thanked her and brought her back as the seat belt light came on we started to make sure everything was ready for the landing.
As we land and taxied over to the terminal they rolled up the big steps and we opened the door after the pilot cleared us to do so as the other head down the ramp and to the bus stop. The pilot told us to be back in 4 hours for preflight as we opened our flight suits and took them off we had street genes under them and nice shirts in our wife’s bags as we thanked them we head for the base commissary to go shopping for the next week with her parents and my grandparents visiting us.
The next few hours went really fast as Cathy was having fun shopping for everyone and she kissed me and told me she loved me and thanked me for getting the extra money. As we walked off base to a place to eat we had lunch and after we finished the meal.
Cathy whispered she need to change before going back to the base so we went and found a restroom and I helped her as mike and penny watched our bags then we all head back onto the base and caught the base bus back to the terminal. as we checked back in and did a walk around the plane then checked our supplies as the other started to show up and board the plane we put their stuff away
As the last person came back on the plane we reported to the pilot we had all back and he came back and doubled check as we locked the plane up and soon we were on our way home
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61-65, M
May 15, 2012