My second Love
Her name was Kathleen, but she preferred to be called Cathy with a “C."
The last person came returned to board the plane, as we reported to the pilot, we had all passengers had returned. The pilot came to the back to double check out count as he started the motors up, and we were off for home within an hour; we were approaching the island of Kodiak, and we were placed in a holding pattern due to an air Alaska plane taking off.
We had to make a few passes for the pilot to get the feel of landing while looking at a mountain. However, in the end, he did a great job as we taxied back to the terminal, and they brought the ramp up to the plane the pilot killed the last two running motors, and we opened the door, and we helped others get there stuff on the plane and to their cars.
As Penny and Cathy brought our items to the back to the plane, and we helped then take it to Cathy’s car as we kissed them good bye. They said they would meet us at the inn for dinner, and we said ok as we walked back to the plane to cleaned it and remove all the days trash.
We were handed our leave papers by Mr. Mallory, and we signed out for the next 10 days. We changed clothes and headed to my car. While we drove back into town, we talked about the dives in the morning when we got into town we made the turn off the main road for the Inn, and we found a parking place and went inside to wait for the girls as William the owner came up, and we talked about the up-coming job.
William asked if we would like to see the boats, we said certainly. As we left the Inn and headed over to boat dock, we were joined by the girls. As we walked onto the dock to look at a couple of boats, we were going to work on. Then we ask about the compressor sitting on the dock, we were told it was good and still certified. As we walked over to look at the air compressor, William opened the door and started the air system, so we could check the gear out. William just said he had no one to work the surface we told him we were not going to be deep, and we could take turns if we could use it, and he said sure as we walked back to the inn for dinner.
We had a nice dinner as we talked and the girls made plans for the morning, but it was pretty clear they were going to join us initially while we did the primary boat. About an hour later we all said good-bye to each other as we head for our home to relax. I parked in our drive way, and we took all the stuff in. To our home, that we bought today. As Cathy asked me to place it on the kitchen table, and she would deal with it soon, which I did then she walked over and put both her arms around my neck and kissed me as she took my hand, and we walked off towards the shower.
I stopped and turned up the heat to warm the house up for later, as Cathy and I walked n to the bathroom. I turned to her and kissed her next I lifted her up, and set her on the cabinet. As we kissed, and I slide my hand under her blouse, and started to rub her bare skin of her back. Cathy subsequently wrapped her legs around me and pulled me close and near to her.
AS I started to tickle her in her special spots, she loved. Soon it was having an effect that I was looking for in her. Cathy at this moment Cathy laid, her head on my chest and closed her eyes as her body stated to shake allover I held her near to me and whispered words in her ear as I held her until she could sit by herself as I reached over and turned on the shower after that I finished undressing her and myself as we walked into the shower. Subsequently, we washed each other, as I washed her hair, she just said if felt nice to have me wash her. As we kissed, then we got out to dry off and almost put on shorts and tee shirts that she loved. Cathy and I walked to the kitchen table start to open the bags as she put the stuff in different groupings.
I knew she wanted to ask something by how she was acting a little scared as I held her, I told her it was ok you do not have to be afraid to ask anything, and she said really. Then she got a funny look on her face as I looked at her, I knew the problem. I said honey do you need the potty, Cathy smiled and said no I ask her if she was sure, and she said yes, subsequently I ask her if she was going potty in her pants, and she said no. Cathy informed me she was all done, as I slide my hand between her legs and felt her pee soaked panties, and then I told her she needs to get to her bedroom right now she was in big trouble. I teased her the whole time we were walking to the bedroom. I told her that I thought she was older than that, and maybe she needs to go back into diapers, and she smiled and said no. Even so, she did need to feel that hard thing between my legs as she reached down and touched, it. Cathy told me I was in trouble for have wet training pants on, as we snuggled on the bed and played for a while.
After we finished playing with each other and we were letting our bodies cool back down were laying there just holding each other. Cathy asks what Mike and I was talking about when William said he did not have a surface man. I tried to explain to Cathy the a surface crew were the ones that watch the dive compressor and feed us out air line and had a small rope attached to them so if we need something he would count the number of pulls and send us down what we need in a basket to use as far as tools or parts.
I explained to Cathy that this time, we would not be very deep so it was more matter of tools and things we might need but other times our life’s in their hands really. That the small bottle only gave us a few minutes air to get to the surface if we can even cut free as Cathy looked at me and kissed me, she asked if she could try it for me, I ask her if she was sure she wanted that responsibly to monitor what was going on all around us. You have to tug the line hard to warn us if a boat or something is to close.
Cathy stated she really would like to learn how to do it, if I trusted her. I looked at her and told her I did not know if she was old enough to do it after all we had changed her wet underpants, and she looks sad as I kissed her and said well at least I know you will not leave us to go use the potty, and she kissed me and starts to play with words. I told her is she did not better stop teasing. Alternatively, I was going to take off her panties and give her a baby. Cathy just told me I would not dare as her mother would be mad at both of us. As I rolled I over and kissed her, and soon we were working seriously had at setting a baby far in her tummy, so we could watch it grow into a child for us. As we kissed and relaxed I felt her body reacts as Cathy took the first few shoot of the baby juice way deep down inside her silky passages down inside her tummy. We just sort of fell asleep in the same position.
The next thing we knew the alarm clock was going off as we kissed each other. Then we got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to go get a shower. After we finished the hot shower, we played around a little with lots of kissing. Cathy asks what she should wear today. I told her if she was really serious about helping she had to wear warm clothing as the wind will make you cold very fast. An excellent pair of gloves would help, as she kissed me one last time before running to find a pair of pants, and a warm shirt. And of course, it had to look excellent on her, plus she had her vest already and boots. We walked into the living room as the door bell rang, and it was Mike and Penny wanted to know if we want to go get breakfast. And we said yeas as we all left the house on the way to the inn for breakfast.
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May 19, 2012