Part 18

My second Love
Her name was Kathleen, but she preferred to be called Cathy with a “C."
As we head out of the house, I reached into the closet by the front door and grabbed my dive bag. I hand the light one to Cathy, I took the heavy bag out to our car and placed the stuff in the back to my jeep.
Then we started the drive to the inn for breakfast. After we parked we all walked in order to see what was going on what we did notice there were a bunch of fishing boats sitting in the harbor yet today so it must be a storm warning up, but we saw no flags flying.
As we were shown to our seat, William started to make the introductions to other boat captains and owners. Then he introduced us to one of the survey inspectors. The basic conversation was could they avoid haul out, but doing hull inspection and zinc replacements by divers. The answer was yes if the divers had passed the test.
And then the conversation turned to what the test cover, and we learned there really was not a written test it was more about knowledge. So we spent the next hour talking about unusual problems that may come up, as we check and clean the hulls. The survey passed around the distinctive picture of thing that can go wrong, and we will need to be on the watch out for. Shortly after that our wives came back into the meeting room with a buffet cart and help William's wife stat to dish up the food for all attending this meeting.
As all settled into a basic conversation, while we ate breakfast. Then others were talking to William, and the survivor came up to us and ask what kind of dive training we had to even be thinking about getting into this occupation as Mike and I took out our wallets, and handed him our Idea card, and he noticed the diver symbol in the lower corned and all he said was ok.
All the conversation seemed to be with William, and we got up to leave as Cathy asks me is she needed to change her clothes. I told her yes if she was serious, as Mike looked over at me, then to his wife Penny and just said well there is Rick's answer, you should go with Cathy and change too. We will meet over on the boat dock and start explaining what we need. As we walked over to the dock, and we opened the air compressor room up. Then we checked and changed all the air filters for both hoses as we stretched out the air lines. We closed at the hose ends. And turned on the compressor to build up air pressure in the system, and allowed the hose to built-up air pressure in the system with air. Then we went back over the air lines checking for air leaks.
Penny and Cathy soon joined us, on the dock as we started to enplane to them whet their main jobs were going to be. I showed Cathy, which airs valve I would be on and Mike showed Penny what air valve it would be using. We explanted to them what setting we would be using today and why, both Cathy and Penny had a paper with them, so we showed them if we made a signal tug what we wanted one of these placed in the bag and send down to us. If we had to tugs on the line to pull the bag up and take out the dirty scarper and replace it with a clean one.
We told them they could watch our bubble trail if they wanted to see our location. We told them if they saw a boat to near us to pull hard on the line to warn us. As we changed in to our work gear we changed our breathers over to the stationary air supply from the bottles as I kissed Cathy good bye and Mike kissed Penny we hook our weight belts on and inflated our BCD’s as step into the water as we got accustom to the water we started to release the air as we slow dropped below the surface and swam over to the boat.
We hit our lights and made a fast inspection of the boat and checked the hull in a few places and we started to clean the hull off it took about 3 hours to clear the hull and change the zinc’s on the rudder we also check the intakes to make sure they were clear and all the sensor ports as we noticed a third diver in the water we just did our jobs and soon we were finished and coming back up to the surface from 20 feet under water as the girls helped us out of the water and to remove out gear they kissed us. We saw William walking towards us and he hand us each a check for 1500.00 and told us we could do the next boat next week.
But we now had 25 boats waiting for us to due he was charging them 4000.00 for each boat we ech made 1500.00 the rest he would use to get better gear and for the cost to maintain the gear we told him not a problem. I handed my check to Cathy after signing it over to her for deposit as mike did also they told us they wanted to go shopping really fast.
Mike and I told them it was alright we still had about an hour of work here as I kissed Cathy, I ask if she needed to go home first, and she just smiled and whispered she would be all right for another hour yet, and she was already in big trouble as they head for mike's car we cleaned up the gear and stowed it away.
Soon both Cathy and penny came back, just as we finished locking the stuff up. We head up the dock to talk with them. Cathy took her stuff out of Mike and Penny’s car and placed it in our car. We told them we would see them in the morning; we had to go finish cleans the house. Then we just wanted to relax the rest of the night. As penny laughed and said that is not what Cathy’s wanted or need right now as Cathy turned bright red. We got in our car and head home to put the stuff away as we pulled into the drive way Cathy whispered she had an itch, and I had better taken care of it right away or else.
We took the stuff from the car into the kitchen and she out it away and I put some things into our bed room, as Cathy was finishing in the kitchen I told her to go put a play dress on, and come back to the kitchen. As Cathy started to say something told her it was too late she already had potty pants on and she could just use them again before she takes her punishment like a young lady
It was just a few minutes before she was back out in a very childish dress with pony tails. As she walked over to me, I told her I loved her.
I sincerely wanted to make love in our bed and not just have sex right now. I told her I truly wanted to hold her close to me with me.
Cathy looked at me and told me she had never been with a real boy or felt the love of a real boy. I hugged her, then told her I had at no time had I made love to a girl who was standing in front of me peeing her pants either. Cathy put her arms around my neck and whisper. It was just a few minutes before she was back out in a very childish dress with pony tails. As she walked over to me, I told her I loved her. I sincerely wanted to make love in our bed and not just have sex right now. I told her I truly wanted to hold her close to me with me, as Cathy looked at me and told me she had not at any time felt the love of a real boy. I hugged her, then told her I had never love to a girl who was standing in front of me peeing her pants either. As Cathy put her arms around my neck and ask. What was I going to do about it as I bent forward and lifted her into the air and held her tight with me as I carried her into her bedroom and ask if when her mother was going to be home, she whispered back not until late?
As I held her and kissed her and told her she was ok. As she came back around she said that had never happened before to you she said all she could feel was her body shoot pee out of it but yet it was not then she said something funny about what was she going to tell her parents.
I started to remove her wet underpants and throw them on the floor as she kissed me and ask if I was going to make her women, I told her she already was few hit as bad as you just did without being.
Soon we were joined to each other as we played with words on what she was going to tell her mother about the big wet spot in her bed with the traces on blood. I ask Cathy if her mother was going to know she had done something naughty.

As we made love nice and slow and the next time those waves hit her, we both were shooting stuff at each other. But mine juices was going deep in her body and her juices were shooting out around me. I told her I was sorry I forgot to pull out as she giggled and said there was no way I could of as I sensed her legs wrapped tight around me. Cathy was right as we both just collapsed in each other’s arms and fell asleep like that for many hours
About 3 am we woke up and I was never so glad to have a washer and drier in the house, as we kissed each other and she rolled up on top of me as she rubbed on me I felt the lips of her body open as she giggled while peeing on me.
I lifted her up a little and moved her over then Cathy settle her back down my penis, as it slide right up in side that wet and slippery passage. it was not long till she pushed down hard and tried to hold it there as I washed over her in sides with hot baby juice
As we just looked at each other and Cathy's slide off to the side I got up and lifted her and carried her into the bathroom as we washed each other’s faces I turned on the shower then I left the room to go take our bed apart and started to wash it and dry it for her parents to use tonight.
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May 21, 2012