19 Parents Arrive

My second Love,
Her name was Kathleen, but she preferred to be called Cathy with a “C."
As we just looked at each other and Cathy's slide off to the side I got up and lifted her and carried her into the bathroom as we washed each other’s faces I turned on the shower then I left the room to go take our bed apart and started to wash it and dry it for her parents to use tonight.
I walked back in the bathroom and joined Cathy in the hot shower as we washed each other off, and I made sure Cathy did not have any rashes from all the horse play last night.
We kissed one more time and got out of the shower and dressed and head out. Cathy went to the kitchen to clean it and make us some toast and hot coco. I cleaned up the two bed rooms we never used and made sure the heat was on in them, and the beds were made up one had twin beds Penny and Cathy had found someplace and one had the first full-size bed we had before Cathy got us the new one.
I walked out to the kitchen just as Cathy was setting the table for us and sat down as she placed the plate of toast and 2 cups of coco in front of me, then she sat on my lap like always, as we talked and ate breakfast.
We talked about plans for the upcoming 10 days, as we finished breakfast. Cathy looked at me and ask if she could really stop working at the cannery and use that time for school work, I told her yes we talked about that yesterday, I told Cathy yes as Cathy kissed me and said thank you
Cathy picked up the dirty dishes and took them to the sink as I picked up the living room, then we went to make the bed and check our room fast.
Then we walked back into the kitchen we still had about 30 minutes before we need to head out to the airport’ as we held each other and kissed. I moved my hand under her dress and between her legs as we kissed. Then I slide off her under pants and lifted her to the top of the washer. Cathy opened her legs as I moved between them.
Cathy reached out and undid my jeans and then guided me to where she needed to feel me one more time, as we kissed each other and the washer hit spin about the same time. Cathy just closed her eyes as we moved with each other. I felt her body tighten up, just as I started to fill it with hot baby juices of one last time. We both held each other tight Cathy whispered thank you, she really need that right then. And I whisper I loved her.

Cathy said she was still afraid of her parents, and what they may think or do, from the last time. I hugged her and told her it was ok my grandparents will be here also, as we kissed and redressed fast, then we headed out of the front door. Our way to the airport we took both of our cars
About 20 minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot of the airport and parked our cars. Then we walked inside the terminal holding hands, we checked on the flight and learned it was about 30 minutes late.
We found seats and sat down to just talk and relax. And I knew Cathy was scared to death of what was going to happen the next 10 days.
Cathy whispers she was glad we made love this morning, I told her wait till tonight and she just smiled. They announced arrival of the flight; we were waiting for as we stood up and moved to the gate area.
We watched a lot of the locals get off then. I saw my grandparents walking down the ramp with a young boy in tow, as the little boy saw Cathy. He made a bee line right to her and was jumping up and down yelling sissy.
As Cathy reached down and lifted him up and kissed him then she handed him to me. Cathy asks were mommy and daddy were he just said mad her sister had peed her pants on the plane and not told them. Cathy’s bother ask who I was, Cathy told him I would soon he her husband. he looked at me them my arms and ask if it was ok to draw on his arms to.
Cathy Said was she did not think mommy and daddy would like that. As my grandparents walked over and hugged us they kissed Cathy too as I made the introductions. Soon a 12 year girl came running over to Cathy and she had been clearly crying. Cathy’s mother and father walked over to Cathy as she introduced me to them introduced me to them.
We all stood and talked for a few minutes. I ask them if they would like to relax and get a bite to eat or if they wanted to go to the house first Cathy’s mother said they have to find a store and get some things for Karen and Cathy told them it was not a problem we have a washer and dryer and she will take her shopping later to get what they needed.
As we looked at them I told them we have some different rules you guys need to understand here then other places. as my grandparents got there rental car we all walked out to the cars and Cathy gave her parents the keys to her car to use and the 2 kids ask if they could ride with us, Cathy looked at her parents and said sure as Cathy took them over to the jeep we told them to just follow us.
As her brother and sister sat in the back of the jeep we drove into town and stopped at the inn. So my grandparents could check into their room and we could all get something to eat as it was lunch time we were taken to a table in a quite part of the inn.
Cathy ask for milk for the kids and we got sodas, and we just all started to talk and get to know each other as they brought menus for us to chose from Cathy ask to be allowed to order for the kids, as she did not want to over load there systems with local food. So she just got them burgers to eat and you could see the relief on their faces. We ordered two small steaks with baked potatoes for us and the other adults order different fish type meals.
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May 21, 2012