Parents First Night With Us In Alaska

My second Love,
Her name was Kathleen, but she preferred to be called Cathy with a “C."
We got in our cars and drove to our home. I showed the kids the room they would be sharing while they were here with us I also showed them the bath room and where to put their stuff as they put their stuff away we sat down and all started to talk.
I saw Cathy’s brother about ready to cry, I walked back into that area of the house and ask him what was wrong, and he looked scared as he said had wet himself. I ask if he had other pants and he said yes. I told him to change and give me the wet ones and I ask his sister if she had stuff she need to wash too.
As she looked at me not sure if she could trust me or not, then she ran back in to their room and brought out some more wet underpants as I took them then went in to our room and got some of Cathy’s pants and mine and rolled them all up with each other and took them out and put them in the washer and started the load.
I ask the kids if they wanted to go outside and run around and they smiled, I told them they had to stay right around here right now. As I opened the door for them to go play I sat by the door after getting down a gun from the closet as Cathy’s father and my grandfather just looked at me. Soon Cathy and penny and Cathy’s mother were home, as Cathy came running into the house then stops. As she saw me by the front door with a gun, as they looked at her she just said she would explain later when the kids were asleep.
My grandfather went out to help bring the stuff from the store in the house and then sat down by the door as he watched outside I helped put the stuff away then we called the kids in the house.
Cathy asks them if they had home work they said yes, Cathy told them to go get it and they could do their home work with her. As Cathy sat down at the kitchen table, soon her brother and sister joined her as she helped them and I helped her.
We just sat there and talked Cathy ask me a few questions and I helped her with the answer as the washer bell went off Cathy’s mother started t get it as Cathy said mother sit down! And relax I have it as she saw what was in there she knew. Cathy just smiled at her brother and sister and I saw them relax them relax as she put the stuff in the drier
I just said NANA as the children looked at me, and my grandmother said honey how many years I have I know you and take care of you, as Cathy took me by the hand and said young man follow me.
As I got up Cathy took me to the bed room and changed me she even had me put on other outside pants too, then she kissed me as she took my wet stuff out to the washer and I could see the smile on my grandmothers face.
I knew what that was about, and soon Cathy’s mother and my grandmother were fixing dinner as they were talking while cooking dinner. I could hear my grandmother telling Cathy’s mother, you control what you can. But you have to know where to draw the line would you rather have the children do home work which will affect how they live the rest of their life or have dry pants all the time our grandmother said.
My grandmother told them they had done a great job with Cathy. But kids will be kids and those kids have to feel they can talk with you and time any subject.
Soon dinner was ready as they dished up dinner and called the children for dinner they were sat at the table and we stayed with them, as the others sat in the living room with TV trays after dinner.
Cathy took the kids in to give them baths one at a time and put them to bed Cathy explanted it does not get dark her like at home. I saw Cathy make 2 trips in to our bed room and carry stuff out and in the small bed room
Soon Cathy mother and father walked in to say good night and kiss them good night as Cathy looked at them the mother started to say something as Cathy just told her yes they had night pants on just like we wear we only have one bathroom and they will hear different noises and sound here.
it is better to have we night pants and pads then wet beds and her mother to her surprise said yes it was As Cathy mother told her daughter Karen she was sorry about today that from now on if she had an accident to just change herself. To bring the stuff to that washing machine or a pail that would be in the bathroom from now on, and she told her son the same thing as Cathy turned on the radio for the kids.
Cathy joined us and made herself at home on my lap with her arms around me Cathy thanked her mother for trying to be more understanding, they have no more control than she did growing up.
The next topic was why the gun, Cathy explained we have an issue with wild dogs running in packs here out of town and we all keep guns near the front door to shoot dogs if we need to, here a child can run to any house and be protected and they just looked at her. And my grandfather ask if the gun was loaded, I ask him what he taught me, and he just said ok
We also told them if they go out walking to take a gun with you we have the biggest bears in the world on this island. Cathy’s father ask if she like it here and she told them she would not trade this for anything or anyplace right now.
Then they ask about the boat stuff, how often we did it and stuff like that, Cathy looked at her parents and said we make 1500.00 a couple doing a boat and right now we have 30 boats on the waiting list that boat today we will clear about 4000.00 a couple when finished if they have to take it to the main land it will cost 3 times that for these fishermen.
Our grandmother said they were going to head for their room in the inn and ask what time we will be up we told them by about 5 am and the laughed said glad us and not them. We show her parents there room they looked at us and ask if that was where we slept and Cathy said yes.
Cathy’s parents told us they will take the small room and we should take our own room. We showed them how to work the TV and how to set the heater.
we walked to our room to change for bed then Cathy went to check her brother and sister, then she curled up next to me as there was a knock on our door, Cathy said yes. Her mother opened the door and asks if they could kiss us good night too and Cathy smiled and said of course.
Cathy’s mother ask if john was wet or dry, Cathy said he was damp, we will take care of him later, right now they need to sleep. Cathy’s mother said she was really sorry for what had happened in the past between them. Cathy’s mother said it looked like Cathy really did have her life on the right track now.
Cathy asks if parents had talked with my grandparents about me and my wife, there said just a little. Cathy told her mother she really should, as they kissed us good night and we snuggled up to each other and kissed and made a quite love with each other.
We opened the bed room door and snuggled back up to each sleeping in each other’s arms, later the kids came flying into our room scared saying there was an animal out back.
Cathy told them to be quite for a minute and she heard a noise far off another call nearer, she told the kids she bet we could find wolf prints in the yard in the morning. Wolfs are just afraid of us as we are of them.
As Cathy ask if the need help to change Karen said now she could take care of herself but thank you as I took john back and changed him as her parents came out to see what the noise was about.
Cathy said they kids had just heard a wolf she thinks. Then Cathy looks at her mother and father and asks if they would like a cup of coco, and they smiled and said yes. We walked out to the kitchen Cathy made some coco and some toast as we sat at the table and talked. Mostly small talk but they seemed more relaxed now.
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May 22, 2012