A Dozen Years Of Epilation

Here is a little about my grooming history. I was a shaver for about 10 years. Then, about 12 years ago, my wife (a shaver/trimmer for 13 years) bought an epilator made by Braun called Silk-epil. So I gave it a try. I have very thick pubic hair, so when I first tried the Braun, it was too painful…pulling at too many at once. But I persevered! First, instead of using the machine to pluck everything, I did each hair with tweezers. That took about a week of many small sessions. My wife suggested using a topical spray to deaden the skin a little. So I tried spraying Solarcaine on a few minutes before beginning with the Braun.

About a year ago, the Braun epilator died after years of faithful service. My wife had a newer Braun which I tried. Unfortunately, the design of the head is different than the older model. The newer Braun’s head is not as smooth, it has nooks and crannies which are supposed to help with flat laying hair. But the scrotal skin is not smooth enough for the head to move over without nicking the skin. Ouch. So I went back to shaving. I missed the smoothness of epilation, so I started researching other brands. A few weeks ago I found one from Phillips which has a smooth head. I ordered one online and started the tweezer plucking routine again to get prepared for the epilator. The Phillips does the job and I am again a very happy smoothie!

For me, epilation works great! There is very little pain initially, then even that discomfort ceases. The results are much better than shaving. I only have to groom once every week or two, and when it grows back there is no itching. Plus, it is far smoother than shaving.
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i just shave each moring in hot shower

I have had a similar experience with an epilator. It hurt like hell the first time I used it on my pubes; I thought i had just wasted $65. But after my skin recovered from the initial use the results were so amazingly smooth I decided to try again. Now, after using one for over ten years, I have the technique down. It is painless, and I am now around 95% permanently smooth, as the roots have gradually come out over time. I also use it in my chest and belly, with equally satisfying results.

Nudesmooth, what model Phillips did you get? I'm so glad I read your post before munching my scrotum...