She Had No Idea

Keep in mind i was young, 16 or so when this happened. I don't regret it but it's not something i would repeat. A new girl had moved in next door to me. Same age as me and very good looking so with my obvious teenage hormones raging i decided i would pursue her. I introduced myself and helped her and her mother carry in boxes from the moving van. I put on the charm and her mother who was fairly young and attractive herself totally bought the act. After everything was unloaded from the moving van the girl(we'll call her Amber) asked me if i would show her around the neighborhood and of course, i was willing to help. We walked around the block a few times talking and getting to know each other and she asked me if i could give her a ride to school (it was summer, a week or so before school started back) because she didn't know anyone in the area and didn't want to ride the bus. I agreed and we parted ways. She came over the following day and asked if i wanted to come over and watch a movie etc. Her mother worked a lot and was almost never home except to sleep. I lived with my dad and he worked at least 12 to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week and was very liberal in his parenting pretty much letting me do whatever i wanted whenever i wanted. We went to her house and hung out for maybe an hour before i leaned in to kiss her. She immediately pushed me on my back and leaned over me kissing me while she ran her hand up my shorts straight to my semi hard ****. I was in shock. She seemed like such a good girl type. Very flirty but not in a slutty way. She was so aggressive and passionate. She slid down and began undoing my belt hurriedly like it would be the end of the world is she didn't get to my **** fast enough. She had my pants down before i knew what had happened and she starting blowing me at a furious pace. It was amazing. She sensed me about the *** and took me all the way into her mouth as i pumped what felt like gallons of *** directly down her throat. We ended up ******* 5mins after and by the time i left before her mom got home, we ****** 3 more times all without a condom but i pulled out each time. She had only moved a county away so the following weekend one of her friends from where she moved from came to spend the weekend with her. We had no relationship per say, just a **** buddy i assumed. We had continued ******* everyday that week up until Thursday when she started her period and i was totally against getting anywhere near ******* her while that was going on. That Saturday she brought her friend over to my house after her mom left for work. Her friend(Kimberly) was absolutely stunning. A perfect body, nice thick ***, and amazing perky large ****. Blonde hair. She was physically perfect. We hung out for a while just talking and somehow the topic of sex came up(with 3 unsupervised teens, go figure right?) and Amber started kind of poking fun at Kimberly for still being a virgin. I jokingly said to her, "oh don't listen to her. We have all day to change that anyway." she just smiled and got quiet but eventually started warming up to the discussion which by this point had progressed to sex toys they'd found snooping in Amber's moms room. Amber went to the bathroom and i set by Kimberly and told her i wasn't trying to be rude about the comment i made earlier about changing the fact that she's a virgin and surprisingly she replied with a seductive "mm hmm, you expect me to believe that?" i moved closer and told her i have no problem if she wasn't buying that story and she said she never implied she was against the idea and that she isn't as good as people think. I was hesitant to make a move but before i could even try Amber came out and called her over to her and they started the whole whispering and giggling thing and Amber said she had to go up to her house for a minute for some obvious bullshit excuse and she made the comment on her way out to Kimberly saying, "you behave yourself ****" so here i am alone with this insanely hot girl who had a perfect 10 body and a virgin on top of all that, i was unsure of where to take it next because i did not want to blow this opportunity. It was kind of quiet and awkward but i managed to strike up some small talk before she just interrupted me and said, you're going to get all shy on me now? I took this as an opening and told her i already made her an offer and it still stands and i put my hand on her thigh and we kissed and soon after was undressing when she pulled out a condom from her pocket. I was bummed but complied. I slid it on and wasn't fully hard yet so i ate her out until i was ready and started to penetrate her while she's on her back. It wasn't working too well because she was so ******* tight but we eventually managed and started ******* slowly building up speed. I had trouble staying completely hard because i wasn't used to using condoms and after a while i turned her over and started ******* her doggy style. Maybe 3 mins into it i came out too far and was pulled out completely and as i began to work it back in, i noticed it felt much different. So much hotter and wetter. I started thrusting long and slow and put my hand around the base of my **** and ran it up until i felt my uncovered ****. Somehow the condom had split at the tip from having to work it into her super tight **** so many times. The whole condom had rolled down to the base of my **** and i was completely uncovered now. I knew she'd stop if i told her and i didn't have any condoms myself so i kept on like nothing happened. She was soaking my **** like I've never felt before or since. I could literally feel her wetness running down and dripping off my **** each time i thrust into her and she began moaning wildly pressing back against me in rhythm with my thrusts i felt it ******* and i could not resist. I rammed my **** hard balls deep into this virgins ***** and exploded inside of her . It felt amazing and i emptied every drop into her young fertile and now deflowered ****. I hurriedly removed the condom and disposed of it before she could ask to see it. She had no idea. She got dressed and went back to Amber's. We hung out later before she went back home but nothing was mentioned of us *******. She called me for awhile after that and i ignored every call from her and eventually Amber too. Haven't seen or heard from her since.
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you find a good tight ***** only you jump in and you let it go stupid move on you bro

Wow. Hot story. Too bad you didnt keep in touch. Would have gone over better if you mentioned it broke after you were finished and you didnt notice. Even if you did she would have appreciated the heads up. And who knows, you could have kept the friends with benefits with both of them.

I hope you know you got me pregnant. I had a traumatic abortion because of it. Bet if you had to be a baby daddy you wouldn't be bragging about it, fuckface.

abortion was ur choice so live with it. u can't blame anybody else for what u did to ur own kid

Is this really the girl in question, or some prankster? No offence if you really are the girl. Its the internet and anybody could be telling a false story, even this story could be fiction.

hot story man u should be proud

I'm very sad that you just used her and didn't take responsibility for your actions. Sure, it might have been great at the moment, but you could have really ****** her life over. I hope you've grown up some since then.

Loved that story - and as the story goes, "Welcome to bareback sex sweetheart"!!!!

Thank you.

Wow, amazing story. But you should've at least said something lol. Even if she wouldve been mad at you, o well.

Nothing wrong with what you did.

bet she wanted more and i bet you knock her up

Yes and i got what i wanted

Good boy. Would love to set up a ********* with you. Make her *** hard, distract her with kisses knowing that you'll *** deep inside her. Oops! Too late!

Shame you didn't answer the calls.. Other than that great share, loved every bit of it. :]

Thank you.I would have but the little time we spent together afterwards that same day she was becoming very clingy and i just had no interest in that.

Ah.. that is a shame, but it was bound to happen, you were her first, and if you impregnated her (even if you didn't impregnate her, but particularly if you did) her hormones will be all over the place, and a womans natural instinct when impregnated is to be around men

True but none of that even crossed my mind at the time.

Which is more than understandable in the situation you were in.. -Bitelip&Smirk..

Do you really think she was a virgin? Or were they just telling you that?

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great share man, damn that was super hot. I am just imaging how good it must of felt to have that ***** juicing all over your **** with no condom to dull the pleasure. I bet you filled her with a months worth of ***.

It was amazing. The fact that she was so naive that i was about to drop a massive load into her turned me on a lot.