I've never had this done before, but it's one of my hotest fantasies, I must admit.. I'd love someone to do it to me, but so far in my experience, it's the men that are cautious, even when i'm not..
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I can't even lie. The thought of sneaking my condom off gets my **** engorged

I understand your fantasy you want him to *** inside you , then after hold up the condom , with no man juices in it , oh yes ,as a guy this would be quite a turn on , I would have to do you all over again !!!

I actually used to do that with my ex girlfriend sarah all the time when she was just a teenager and wasn't taking her birth control. It really is a huge turn on when you know you can accidentally get a girl pregnant.

However, even though during the drive to the abortion clinic I was really hard, and she begged and pleaded to let her keep our baby, I still said No.

I'd do all of it again too, except maybe I'd start sabotaging my condoms earlier in our relationship, like during her senior year of high school. Waiting till her sophomore year of college to "accidentally" impregnate her felt like too long.

the only concern is std are sti but if the girl is super hot i guess i will risk it

i have gotten 3 girl pregnant like this, altho most girl don't ask me to wear condom just said i should not come in them but i always do, it feel soo much better

Im interested in taking you bareback. Message me if you are still interested.

My wife has found that when a lover starts off with a condom, it's easy for her to just reach down and remove it once the guy is nearing ******. No guy will protest at that point, and she's done it many times. Laying there beside her, I always know when she's removing the condom, as she kind of backs the guy out of her, rolls it off and slips him right back in. It's funny how things work out - sometimes when she invites a lover to spend the night with her, he'll be courteous and bring along a few condoms, although that's the last thing my wife wants!

Love to do this with a complete stranger

Make me pregnant, you can do this too. If they insist on a condom, then make sure you are the one who supplies it only make sure it is compromised. Poke a needle through it, use a latex dissolving lube. If he supplies it, you put it on with your mouth but make sure to bite through that tip and roll it on.

'Mmm, I love these ideas and would definately consider them.. but part of the fantasy is that the man did it to me, and I wasn't even aware until he told me, like the scenario xxxtop described

'Mmm.. I've had it bareback before, and much prefer it.. but I must say that I do like the idea of having the man stealthily removing the condom without me knowing, and telling me after he's *** in me..

Hehe ;)

Nice bobbyed, maybe sometime you can post a story or two about those experiences and how they went down. I am sure we would all love to hear it.

Bareback ******* is the best ! the total skin to skin contact is awesome! you can feel every vein on my **** as i steadily **** your tight warm wet ***** ! the most awesome is when you squirt all over me and i *** and *** deep in your ***** or in your amazingly sweet tight *** hole babe ! growl peter