Well I love the idea & feeling of bareback sex, who doesn't right? So depending on the girl and how well I know her I like to go bare as much as possible, especially if I know shes not on birth control and in her fertile time of the month. However, there are some the demand a condom & no matter how much you try to persuade them they won't budge. So my solution to this problem is have rigged rubbers. What i do is carefully open the condom so i dont do to much damage to the wrapper. I usually cut the wrapper open with a razor blade and straight egde. I remove the condom, then put 2 small vertical slices so it makes a "+" sign on the tip. I then place it back in the wrapper and I use my food saver with the heat ***** to reseal it and give it a factory edge look. Sometimes you have to use jagged scissors to help with that as well. Then when time comes and i know I am not going to catch something from her, i break out one of those babies and put it to use. I put it on pinching the tip so the like slices aren't visible like the instruction call for anyway. She watches and is satisfied we go to it. I keep it intact as long as possible. Then right when i feel like im going to explode, i pull out for a second grab the shaft of my c**k and pull down causing the condom to slide down my shaft and expose my bare c**k. I then put it back in and pound away and explode filling her up. then I keep going so I C*m again but that time I pull out pull the condom off, and shoot on her p***y so then when the other load comes out later she just thinks its from when i shot it on her, because guy c*m smells different than girls which is how i got caught in the past. I then dispose of the rubber to avoid her inspection and go on my way. I've done this a lot. Its awesome. I did get one married chick pregnant. She thought it was her hubbys, (as does he)but she had an intuition(as women do) it may not be her hubby's. She had a DNA test secretly done using a sample from his hair brush, and found out it wasn't his which meant the baby was mine. She never told him, thank God him & I are similar in appearance. She thought that it must been a renegade swimmer that got in from when i shot it on the outside of her opening. I just chuckled and said yea must've been. She just asked me to keep it a secret. I said no problem. we talk every now & again and she sends me pics of our son. Hubby still has no idea to this day! I guess ignorance is bliss.
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i did this before but i didnt break the condom it break on it own, an after i finish in her i realize, but though it does not matter cause if i catch something there is nothing i can do, we had a shower straight away without her knowing, she got pregnant an had a baby girl, an i never speak to her again but she has a boyfriend, up until this day she didnt no i came in her

You should post your story

Im about to do this with a girl tonight, she gets reallywet so i doubt she'll feel the difference once pull condom back and plunge in balls deep. I swear I can feel the tip of my **** against her cervix in certain positions so maybe ill be able to spurt directly into her womb :)

I love bareback sex too. I am very up front with the lady about my not using a condom, and she is usually ok with it. I am a sexual purist, and believe in performing it as the lord intended, bareback and wet!!

I'm available....:-)

See one of your comments getting you more prospects...

very hot