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My first experience i shared with this group was "She had no idea". Coincidentally, it was my first experience with stealth sex and the rush i experienced was more intense than i can describe. It was not my first experience with barebacking or giving a ******** though but it easily exceeded the enjoyment i received from doing either one. I developed my own little tricks and techniques at achieving my main objective ANY time i had sex, making sure i shot my load deep inside the girls unsuspecting ****. I became VERY good at what i did. It took some trial and error but eventually i had full confidence that any time i hooked up with someone, i knew my *** would end up inside her by the end of the night. I did this over and over with so many girls i can't even begin to count them. As stated in my previous story, I DO NOT CONDONE THESE ACTIONS. Was it right for me to do? No. Was it irresponsible and dangerous? Absolutely. However, i was 16 when i started doing this and although i knew better i was unable to resist. I'm also going to add that even today, whatever happens as a results from my actions, i will take responsibility. I am a man, not a boy so i will take responsibility for my actions. All that said, here are my tips, tricks, and techniques to having a successful "stealth sex" experience.

1. Condom Removal- this is by far the most obvious one and it is just as risky as it is obvious. Two big problems with this method is running into what i like to refer as "reachers" and "checkers". The reachers are the girls who will periodically reach back or down (depending on what position you are in) and feel for your **** while ******* to ensure that the condom is still on you. The good news about reachers is they are few and far between. Mostly because in my experience, a woman can EASILY tell when a man is inside her if he's raw or covered. The only way i found to assist in this aspect is lots and lots of lube combined with fast, hard *******. The more lube you have, the less the friction within each thrust she'll be able to feel. If you do run into the dreaded reacher, you'll know it almost immediately. She will tend to check very soon after penetration and it will be frequent especially at first so it is ESSENTIAL to make sure not to remove it too early. Get her into it so she's less concerned about it the more you progress. The "checkers" are the girls who want to inspect the condom after you've blown your load. These girls can be very difficult as well. Some will be content to simply see the condom still on your **** afterwards while others will inspect it further. The best way to combat this is to make sure you put the condom back on after you've removed it before she looks (very difficult) or dispose of it ASAP(make an excuse, you have to **** like crazy etc). My last method is the easiest by far but should only be used as a last resort or for those of you who are cold hearted sons of *******! Think about it. You've filled her full of *** when she thought you had a condom on your ****! Wtf do you care if she knows now(not recommended if you'd like to see her again)? Of course you can always try the, "what's wrong? I thought you knew it was off? You mean you didn't feel it? I thought you knew!!" approach which for me has had a surprisingly high success rate. So in conclusion, it's the most difficult and the least effective and its use should be reserved as a last resort or for the experienced pros at stealth sex.

2. Condom Sabotage- This is probably the most common method whether it's done intentionally or unintentionally. In my experience, i can only recall a condom breaking or tearing unintentionally maybe twice out of countless encounters. So for you guys hoping and praying for this to happen without your direct assistance, don't hold your breath. My first stealth experience occurred in this manner unintentionally. She was a virgin with an absurdly tight ***** and the condom just did not hold up to the pounding i was giving her. Unless you're fortune was as good as mine that day, you may want to help the condom to break. There are numerous methods to accomplish this. Poking a needle through the wrapper focusing on the tip of the condom is a huge help if you have the opportunity to use your own condom. If she insist on using hers (and some do) simply **** with it for a while, reposition yourself and upon inserting your **** in her, pull the condom very hard over the head of your **** as if your trying to force it through the condom. It may take a few tries but eventually the condom will give and you'll have an open road to inject your *** deep inside her. Once you've done that dispose of the evidence quickly. If she's a checker, don't deny the condom breaking. Act just as surprised as she is about it, after all condoms break. Everyone knows they do. If she notices after you've disposed of it don't panic. Just act as if you are certain it didn't happen or if it did you were unaware of it because that's never happened to you before. This is the best method in the cases of which the girl REQUIRES you wear a condom. I've done this personally so many times it's second nature and almost every single time I've done it, they were totally oblivious to the fact that i had filled them full of ***. I always make sure to go down on them before attempting this to make sure i leave them very wet. The wetter you make her the less chance she'll feel or even be able to differentiate the *** leaking out of her from her wetness/your spit or lube. Tell her how wet she is while you're eating her out too. This will help implant it in her mind after the fact you came inside her.

3. The Late Pull Out

This is the method I've used more than any other. It is by far the easiest of all the methods in every way possible. It's especially effective if you want to let it remain unknown to her that you've spread your seed in her fertile ****. The reason this is the most commonly used method is because more often then not, you'll get the girl who absolutely hates condoms and loves the feeling of a bare **** in her wet *****. Who can blame her? We can all agree that it feels better raw then covered. Once she's made it clear you won't be needing that rubber, that's when it happens. Some of the most dreaded words that could ever be assembled and used together comes out of her mouth (every guy knows what i am referring to) when she says, "don't *** inside me!" It's enough to make your heart sink isn't it? The good news is that it doesn't have to bring you down. Here's the way i see it, if a woman allows you to penetrate her without a condom then she has made your decision for you. She understands the risks associated with unprotected sex. It's a perfectly natural and normal instinct for a man to desire to drop his load in a woman just as it's a women's natural instinct to receive and welcome that load into her body. Don't hesitate to do what you're intended to do. However, if you want to keep it stealthy (a bigger turn on in my opinion as opposed to her finding out you've *** in her afterwards) all you do is **** her until you reach that point of no return and pump those first squirts of ***** inside her. Just make sure to be discreet about it. Don't give her a reason to assume you're ******* in her. Once you've filled her simply pull out and *** on her. Make sure you have at least one more good shot of *** that she sees or feels outside of her body so she has no reason to suspect you've emptied your balls inside her. As i said before, the wetter you make her beforehand, the less likely she is to notice the *** you shot inside her. This has NEVER failed to work for me and I've done this more than any other method listed above.
Thanks in advance to all who read, comment, or rate. If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to let me know as I'd love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy!
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I have done it many time. i remember i was ****** this brazilian woman i sure put a good eating on her ***** after a while doing that i put on the condom about 15 minutes into it i remove the condom i make her change the position right then my **** slip out of ***** i thought she was going to kill me bout she didn't say anything she just take my **** and stick it her *****. Did i say she was really really wet too. i got catch doing it about three time it was not a good view one of them kick my out of her house that was crazy

Oh I completely agree with this. To me you can't have one and not the other, if she wants the guy's **** then she also has to take the guy's load!!!

I really wanna try this at least once in my life...
You are very lucky to get to do it so many times, I'm guessing you must be very handsome!

You Should try this

I don't think any man should have to resort to this. It's a man's instinct to shoot his load into a woman's *****. He should never be denied that right. As a woman, it's my duty to spread my legs and let a man shoot his load into my wet ***** whenever he wants. If I get pregnant, so be it. A woman's ***** was meant to get wet to make it easy for a man to thrust his hard **** into her and fill her with his seed.

Well said, it's a mans right to shoot his load in her *****. There will be Babies made during fuckung - it's nothing unusual!

This is rape you literal piece of ****.

I do this too, most often when im ******* hookers. My trick is to just stop for a second like im having trouble staying hard and sort of pull the condom near the head of my ****, but its still on, and then **** her real hard, preferably doggie she can't really tell, and usually the condom comes off inside her and i can ***, and plausibly deny it.

You are a rapist

Another method if she does "need" the condom, replace the lube with an oil base (unscented baby oil) it eats the latex causing it to break.

The women who allow you to **** them bare, do you think that they deserve to be impregnated?

Yes. They deserve it.

********, that's how god created this universe. We are born to do it.
Satan created condom.
i faqing hate condom, it ruin everything!!

cream pie*


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I like the idea of the squirt inside and one outside .its a great idea . The way forward for me

Great advice, been planning to start this myself!

you naughty boy...

This is so deliciously naughty!
(Personally I keep a close eye on my cycle so I know exactly when my fertile window is, and avoid penetrative sex all together then if I'm not planning on risking pregnancy. My desire to be filled is so strong during that time that I might actually be the one to sabotage things, not the guy!)

Oooh la la! I like the way you think!!! Dan

I have used a sharp razer for the tip of the condom and needles so I try to make it leak without breaking and it leaks allot. anyother stories please?

The 2nd and 3rd methods are fantastic. I've used similar methods before and they work every time. Squirt a little bit, get some of that fantastic feelings going, and then squirt the rest on her. I've opted for squirting it ON her *****, that way she can't tell the difference between where the *** is coming from, and she'll just assume it's all on her.

Great stuff!
******* are for collecting ***! Nothing else! Sometimes, these ladies need a bit more...work. ;-)

For sure

LOL dude you're going straight to hell.

So how do you break the condom silently everytime I do it snaps and my wife would hear it and she told me if the condom breaks that's the only way were having a kid she didn't say I couldn't help it

I prefer to break the condom when I'm ******* a girl from behind so she's unable to get a decent view of what i'm doing. When I'm ready to break it I'll pull out completely and start rubbing my **** all over her ***** to tease her a little and i'll start talking dirty to her and I'll break the condom while I'm talking so the sound of it snapping is much less noticeable.

Thanks man if you got any other ideas I'd love to hear them

lot easier if ur gay. Get em in doggie position ..let em feel back and touch the rubber. lude em up well n slide in. after a. few stroke slide out n say ur repositioning. squeeze their balls ..and slide off the rubber and ram ur **** home hard them pump away...before they know it ur *** will be dripping out their *** ready for u to lick out

This is also my favorite fetish and have done this to numerous girls threwout the years. Most recently a young blond sororety girl who was drunk and she also works and is a volunteer for a school program i wont say and i think i nailed her. I am in my early 30's but live by 2 Universities, a State college, and a community college. There are plenty of young *****. Have u ever tried having a 2nd phone number only for these girls and a fake ID with a fake adress? With you do you leave the same night as you **** them them?


So let me get this right, according to YOU, I need to clean up MY act, change MY ways, and recognize MY own SELF destruction? I find that very interesting. You're entitled to have your own opinion, regardless of how much I disagree with it or how little I care what you think about anything. Your opinion holds no value here. The same could be said if I was to have posted this story in one of the many pro religious groups on this site. Could I do it? Yes. Would I still be entitled to my opinion if I did it? Of course. So why haven't I posted this story in one of those groups I mentioned? Because it's pointless. I wouldn't waste my time with it because I have no reason or desire to shove my beliefs down the throats of people who I already know would strongly disagree and vehemently oppose my views on the subject. I don't seek the attention that you so obviously crave so forgive me if I am unable to relate to your thoughts. I can't understand where you are coming from because I've spent so much time on thinking for myself that its become a habit. As far as me being evil, wicked, and sinful goes....if it makes you feel better about yourself to label and judge, then you just go on ahead and do that. Again, you're opinion is invalid to me. All you're doing by accusing me of being all those things is reassuring me that I'm living my life for me. I'm evil, wicked, and sinful because I'm not a slave to a book and a fable? I'm evil because I choose not to deny and deprive myself of happiness and fulfilment? I don't see how you came to those conclusions but then again, I don't let anyone or anything tell me what to think. All I know is at the end of the day, I can rest assured that I've lived that day for myself and I'm content with that.

Huh - I must agree, this is quite interesting. It appears, actually, that you're evil wicked and sinful because you have defined YOURSELF that way. I quote: "As stated in my previous story, I DO NOT CONDONE THESE ACTIONS. Was it right for me to do? No. Was it irresponsible and dangerous? Absolutely." You don't condone your actions, consider them to be dangerous, irresponsible and wrong - yet you have devoted a large amount of space to instructing others in your ways. You say much about thinking for yourself, yet seem to be engaged in a profound contradiction. You don't let anyone or anything tell you what to think! Not even YOURSELF! LOL!

My ***** is throbbing just reading that I loved it

I`ve never read anything that got me horny till now... Lol felt like i was reading ****! Enjoyed your story and i will deff be more aware now Cheers!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

hahahha right on, love it.

Do you know how many children you may have fathered? I did find this interesting from a women's point of view, have to keep my guard up now.

How many i may have? Idk. That's anyone's guess. It's been quite some time since I've done any of that. And yes, please do keep your guard up. That's another reason I wrote this because some people do this with bad intentions. I'm not claiming what i did wasn't irresponsible though. It was very irresponsible but I wasn't doing it for any other reason besides the rush i received from it.

Lol...am I the reason you started your story off with the part about accepting responsibility? <br />
<br />
Otherwise that was very informative on how sneaky you boys can really be. I'm all wet now!

You are 100% of the reason i started it off with that part. I didn't want to give someone the wrong idea again.

Very nice...glad I could inspire you a bit.

More then you know ;-)


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