A Little Extra

I was th***een and had been active for about a year. I was at the pool and met this guy who was in college. At first he wouldnt have much to do with me, although he sure kept looking at me, and never objected if I came up for a chat. I conned my mom into a new suit which she swore was far too little for a girl my age to be wearing but once my best friend showed up in hers (even less covered) mom decided to let me get it.

The effect was pretty immediate and he wound up agreeing to put suntan lotion on my back. It was a couple of weeks later when I asked him if he could give me a ride home because my friend had to go home early. He agreed. And when I got in the car I sat next to him and started teasing him. I asked if maybe we could go to his place instead. He reluctantly agreed.

We sat in his living room and watched tv and all the while I kept getting more and more physical - and we wound up making out. I asked him to show me his room. When I got there I hopped on the bed and took off my top. It wasnt long before he was on the bed with me, and we were both naked.

I let him know i wasn't a virgin - and if he wanted to I was ready to have a little fun. It took him a while but like most guys his little head won out. He pulled out a condom and slowly got inside me. Originally I had told him I was s**teen. He started going at it pretty good and and acted like i was playing with myself and him - wrapping my fingers around his shaft. I could feel it start to slip - as we shifted I wrapped my hand around it and slid it off and before he could notice slipped him back inside me. He went crazy. Telling me how tight I was and how good I felt.

He told me he was about to come and I told him my real age. That did it! He kept going and going and I could feel it get slippery. When he pulled out and realized he didnt have anything on he freaked a bit. I pulled it out from under the pillow. He didn't talk to me for two weeks.

Once I told him I'd got my period he relaxed - but never took me home again. He did admit it was the best he'd ever had and wished I was older or he was younger. Ah well. It was good and I'm sure he remembers it as well as I do.
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Hot story--thanks for sharing. :-)

So hot

Hot story!

hot hot stuff!!

great story that was hot and enjoyable to read how sneaky you are haha

Damn, I wish I had met someone like you at the pool...