Trying to make a baby

When a girl tells me to use a condom because she's not on birth control, I get rock hard. The whole time, all I can think about is slipping it off and ******* inside her. Knowing I'm only one slip or rip away from creaming that young, unprotected ***** is so ******* hot. Right now, I only *** in girls that don't make me wear a condom, whether or not they tell me to pull out (don't ever trust a nigga with a hard on). But, I really wanna take it to the next level. I'd love to see that look on her face after she realizes I just came in her or the feeling of knowing that I came in her and she didn't notice. Plus, I've got a huge breeding fetish so any pregnancies would just be icing on the cake. I think the next lucky (or unlucky?) condom using girl I meet is gonna get a ******** surprise.
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cool any babys to your name

Trying like you wouldn't believe