I just finished removing 1,447 perverts and fake profiles from my circle. It took 7 hours. You see i'm a christian but that doesn't make me perfect because I should have taken the time to block all those people in the first place instead of just adding them because I didn't have time. However I'm trying to be a better person and not surround myself with people who are against what i believe in. I'm not judging people for their actions because i can't control that i can only control what i do. I have strong values and thats just who i am. I'm sorry if you are one of the people i removed but i have to do whats best for me. I may have 202 friends now but i'd rather have 202 real friends than 1,447 people who don't have any interest to getting to know me but only want to get in my pants. -Enough said!

~ God Bless <3 Maria
18-21, F
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Who drew the line :o

Blocking is a perfectly legitimate way to make EP bearable. It would be impossible to be a Christian and stick around here w/out my block list

Lol i only have like 4 people in my circle. And still i feel thats to much :/

By the way I'm not stalking you just feel like i can relate to your post, your post are worth my time xD ok maybe stalking a bit don't like to lie but its in a good way.

Haha! it's okay! It means a lot that you like my stories.

Lol i will give you a break stop bugging you don't want to creep you out xD, but i'll be back to read some more :o

How in the world did u gather so many!! That's a lot!! Good job though

honestly i have no idea!

Haha! That's crazy

That's a lottttttttt of perverts

Yeah! it was!!