As If They Care!

I could say that I don't mind if someone doesn't add me as their friends when I asked for their friendship, but I think I wouldn't really mean it. So I removed all those that did not answer to my call.

I feel much better now, this was my valentine present to myself. I am not unwanted any more!!!

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27 Responses Feb 14, 2009

@4vrUnique: I love you policy, sounds very reasonable, I never look for revenge but I won't keep those who delete me, in my circle.

Well it's okay if I'm not added to someone's circle. Maybe they know something I don't. I don't expect everyone to like me. I can be very controversial in my thinking. <br />
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I don't look at it as revenge to remove them, it's simply something that didn't work out.

@ Duchess: I love your reasons, it's their loss, thank you for being so forgiving.<br />
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@ peedeeDog: I hope I never offend you, because I love to remain in your circle.

I've removed people from my friends circle.

@ Steve: Thank you for not removing me, you are a joy too.<br />
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@ Duchess: Happy to be of service, and ready to fight those who block you.

Thank you Lorraine, you are definitely the most supportive friend I have, and I feel really blessed to have you as friend, and a joy to read

Mahsa, I wouldn't remove u and ur posts are fun. Ur a keeper

Mahsa<br />
you are a very interesting friend, and those who didn't respond to your invite to your circle are definitely missing out on good friendship and great posts

For a second there I thought you removed me, and checked if I still have you as a friend! I do post a lot sometimes, I hope I don't offend you. I'll try to be quiet!!<br />
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Thank you Steve for not removing me! yet!

I removed someone because they posted so many things and were so active that my entire activity log was taken up by them and I was afraid I was missing stuff from other people. It was nothing personal.

I added some people to my circle and they didn't add me circle me or answer my PMs, so I removed them and it felt good!

I removed someone too when I realize she isn't really who I imagined her to be. So it was kind of a good thing she hasn't circled me yet.

Sorry, I'll do it.

Yes... that is what leiza told me. <br />
<br />
Is it alright if I send you a PM?

Yes. Me too. Ha she sent you web links to where she is from? I think it's awesome for someone to leave their home country and take up the life in another. I'm not sure I could do that.<br />
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Have you done the same? I believe Leiza told me something to that affect. Or, maybe it was someone else she was talking about....

She is the loveliest lady I know, so funny and so profound. I love talking to her.<br />
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All I can say about her is that I am really proud to call her a friend.

Yes I agree. When it's between you and someone else only, that's one thing. When many people know...that's different.<br />
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You recently have become friends with one of my favorites on here.... Leiza350. :-)

Actually I don't mind rejection, it's the public humiliation that hurts!!

You did. Thank you. When I seen I had mail.... I knew it was you. :-)

Right! I could try adding you.

That's right. They're the ones missing out by not adding us to their circle.... right?

Now I have an accomplice!!

Yes it does actually... :-)

it feels really good doesn't it, kind of a revenge!

I have done the same thing recently.

Sorry, I wanted to give you back your nimbus, thank you very much. It really helped.

Ugh, and when it was connecting me I was scared that my name might just pop up..nah nah it was not you..I wanted my nimbus back! =P