Dream of Book of Ezra

Early this morning, 23 September 2008, I was awakened from my sleep to record this dream.   I went to a church where the Pastor was presenting a series of classes on the book of Ezra.  I was sitting at a desk, and he came to me and began to ask some questions.  He asked my name, and I told him who I was.  The very next question he asked was "Do you tithe"?  I told him I give as the Lord leads, and give my time and talents to uplift the kingdom of God.  I then told him I preached at a nursing home where, of course, I don't get paid.  I went on to tell him about preaching at the radio station where I paid the cost of the program (only twice in over three years of preaching did someone else pay for the program).  I said, "I've preached my heart out, and some hear and some don't".  He replied, "It just might be that the Lord sent you today to cause me to think on why I am preaching, and to change my attitude".   I then went to an outside area where a crowd was gathered to hear a woman teacher who was also going to teach on Ezra.  I was sitting in the audience, and there was red dust flying all around.  She stood up behind the podium, turned on the microphone, and suddenly there was a commotion across the dirt road.  She went over there to investigate, and was hit in the face above her eye, and was knocked down to the ground.  She came to me, and said "You teach it".  She then looked at her feet, and said "I hope they are not hurt, I had planned on going running when this was over".   I stood behind the pulpit, tried to adjust the microphone, but it kept slipping down.  A member of the audience came up (he was an elderly man that I recognized) shook my hand, said "we are so glad you are here", and then adjusted the microphone.  I looked at the printed outline that the woman teacher had prepared, and then looked for the Bible.  It was lying on the ground by the pulpit, and was covered with red dust.  Short and long sleeved white dress shirts lay over it.  I was dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt, so I picked up the Bible, and it was opened to Ezra, Chapter nine.   I first gave a testimony about how my dad was a bi-vocational preacher.  He sold furniture during the week and had a route that he run.  I told about going with him, walking all the streets of the town as I delivered sale papers.  I also told about daddy going home to be with Jesus when he was 40 (I was 14).  I testified about the lessons I had learned from him, especially about praying for others and being humble.  I then began to read out of that dusty Bible, the book of Ezra.   walkin2e  
walkin2e walkin2e
56-60, M
Sep 23, 2008