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w e are an international couple. our male half is writing this. she is japanese, in her 40s (she is in good shape and looks to be in her 30s); i am caucasian, and in my early 50s. we have enjoyed a number of sexual lifestyle adventures, so far always together. however, she has now expressed an interest in having a slightly older international exec type (who travels here a couple of times a year) for whom she would be a special 'dedicated' partner in a sort of mild version of an 'indecent proposal' kind of relationship. this idea has really come to turn her on. she has very much enjoyed my finding young single males to join us for mfm, but for this she wishes me to find an attractive, successful international executive type (most likely mid- to late 40s through mid 50s) who travels here ( tokyo ) a couple of times a year. she would like me to make the opening contact, meet the individual for coffee or a drink and explain what she has in mind, and invite him for an initial mfm. if she feels the 'chemistry' is right during or after that *********, she will tactfully suggest that she become a kind of 'dedicated' partner when he visits. as such a partner, she would stay with him for a part of his visit (possibly all, depending on timing, etc.), and be his partner for classy, dressy nights-on-the-town; her wish is that he will take her shopping and let her doll herself up with sexy fashionable clothes and accessories. she would like to assemble a wardrobe with a special 'look' from this and for this. this idea really seems to really hit some special buttons; when we have discussed it while *******, in every case she has had a huge ****** in about 30 seconds. this kind of reaction on her part is of course incredibly arousing to me as a result.


she'd like the liaisons to be occasional ( a few times a year ) and intense, so a key point in this is that he be a traveler here, not a resident. she has also mentioned that a senior airline pilot might be a nice partner for this adventure. she has also indicated that if the first such partner worked well, she would like to explore having several like this.  i really want all this happen, and hope that we can enjoy it on a very regular basis.

this whole idea is a huge turn-on for both of us.  it might be fun as well if i can join in on occasion, as i love seeing her lost in an intense session, and if her 'patron' did not mind, i would be aroused beyond measure to see her with him and to slip in after him...

we would love to hear ideas and comments....

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Where can I find pics?

This is extremely arousing, thanks for sharing! I am curious whether there were more encounters (with biondetta or others)...but perhaps this will become clear as I read your other stories...

wow. I love it.

Hi! Thanks for your note...! This is so arousing; absolutely addicting...

wow. I love it.

wow. I love it.

Sounds fantastic !! If you would like to set something like that up with us, I think it might work very well.<br />
<br />
Seriously, please do let us know if you'd like to do so. We have pics we can show you; some 'introductory' ones are in the albums on this site. Our email address is<br />

Hi this story struck a cord with me. My husband is away abroad a lot. He was in Singapore and met a Singapore man on the flt. to Singapore, they got talking and exchanged wife photos, later they met in a hotel bar and had a few drinks, got talking, the man said he was very attracted to me and my husband said he found his mixed race wife very sexy. To cut a long story short they agreed to talk to their wives about it, I then phoned the wife and we all agreed that when my husband is in Singapore, then he can join them for sex and when her husband is here then he joins us. This has happened a couple of times, we intend to meet all together soon. we wives can also meet the man in a hotel when our husbands are also away from home.<br />
A good thing for all of us we think.

This last Saturday, we met the first 'candidate' ...and it was amazingly HOT ! There are some new pics in our profile that show her ******* him. The next time he visits, she will stay with him for a night or two and be his 'call girl'...