Four Lousy Bolts

I have been working on an 03 Chevy Trailblazer the past few days. The serpentine belt was frayed and I found out that the air compressor only had one of four bolts holding it in. The one bolt left was slightly ******** so I needed to find four replacement bolts.
After several hours getting enough parts removed just so I could see the air compressor and then another hour or so getting the one bolt off I realized what I needed was a 10 mm 1.50 X 130 mm flange bolt. Go to a hardware store right? Wrong the longest they stock is 100mm and if you have ever tried to lengthen a bolt that is too short, it doesn't work too well.
So I go to one of my favorite salvage facilities (they bristle at the term junk yard these days). While trying to find where the truck section was I noticed a FWD sedan that had a bolt that looked to be the right size and yippie, it was!! One down and three to go. All I needed to do was to find a late model Chevy truck and I would be okay. I made the tragic mistake of not taking the time to notice what type of sedan I got the one precious 10mm 1.50 X 130 mm bolt off of, for that was the only one I was to find that afternoon. I was there for about an hour and a half and left with my one bolt.
I tried online and that didn't work. I did find a bolt that was supposed to be the right one but it didn't mention the exact size. It only cost 2.99 but it cost 10.99 to ship, how does that happen?? I went to the local dealer this morning and was told the nearest place that had the bolt I needed was in a neighboring state and it would take 5 days to get here. I thought of the 10.99 shipping charge and the five day ship time for a small package seemed just as crazy.
So I tried a nearby junk yard, er salvage facility, and they told me they had a few Trailblazers "in back". I was to find out "in back" cover a great deal of territory. I was also to find out than none of the Trailblazers had the exact bolt I needed. I then started looking at the FWD sedans to find the alternator bolt that had the same size bolt as the one I needed. I finally found a Ford Taurus
that had a familiar configuration but to my dismay the bolt was the right size and length but a different thread pitch.
Since the few sedans I found were misfiled in the truck section, I had to find where the FWD Ford sedans where. This took a great deal of time and I was starting to get very frustrated when I finally looked down and saw the exact bolt I needed sitting on the bumper of a 2000 Taurus. Now I had the field narrowed down and within another 20 minutes had all three of the needed bolts.
It was getting dark and was freezing cold by the time I got home and it was then I realized (after removing yet another part so I could see), the top left bolt was sheared off. I looked at the bottom bolts and realized they were okay. I managed to get the top right and bottom right bolts started. I still have to get the bottom left bolt lined up and started. Then all I have to do if replace the right idler pulley, the alternator, the right bracket, the serpentine belt, the horn, the battery tray and the battery and I will be done except for replacing the right front headlight and the right rear taillight.
Isn't car repair wonderful????
OmyTVC15 OmyTVC15
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013