I Replied To An Advert ........part 1

Had been to with a couple of friends, Sara and Erica. We were more than " Tipsy" having had too much to drink. Walking home and trying to balance on our Stilettos, Sara decided she needed Cigarettes so we headed for the 24 hour shop. Sara & Erica went in while Isat on a wall rubbing my aching feet. After quite a while they emerged laughing & giggling and joined me on the wall. We each had a cigaretted and headed off to Saras home for coffee. Over coffee Erica produced a Magazine they had picked up in the 24 hour shop , It was a contact magazine ! We poured ver the adverts and some were hilarious and others you would never ever dream of answering ! However , one stood out among the rest it said " Lady wanted who would like to heighten and explore her sexuality" Erica the crazy one of us said 2Lets reply for a laugh!" In drink we all agreed There was a box number to reply to and you were asked to leave a number. Sara got paper & pen and started writing , Then it dawned on both of them that they didnt want to take any chances as they were both married ! so my number was used & stamp in purse off Sara went and posted it. Acouple of weeks passed and I heard nothing, thn one evening as Iwas painting my Nails, I got a message, It said "Christine, Thank you for showing interest in my advert, I have waited a while for you to think seriously about it, If you wish to continue send YES I stared at the Phone for ages partly excited and partly apprehensive ! I lit a cigarette looked at the message again and my freshly painted long naled index finger tapped out The word YES! ...................................To be continued
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