Something I Saw

Since I am pizza delivery person, one house I went to, when I stepped inside to deal with the adult, I am guessing mother, I saw this 10 to 12 year girl in just a shirt and a white plastic back diaper, it looked like Tranquility to me. The girl was a little over weight so I am guessing she was wearing size medium, Also I could tell she was wet.

Another house I went to this young adult woman came to the door and she was wearing a some pajama pants and I could tell she had some padding under those pants and I heard some crinkle too while she was at the door. She was kind of a big girl, so I am guessing she wore size large diapers.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

If you go to and look up "diaper lisa" or "diapered lisa," it'll show a series of pics of a 10 year old named Lisa in diapers. That may have been her!

Cool! I use Tranquility ATN.

The girl could have been in diaper discipline :/